Golden Goose

God Gold of the Day

Galatians 6:8/ Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

This verse has been sitting on me pretty heavy lately. You’ve probably heard it before, “you reap what you sow.” You’re probably wondering what “Golden Goose” has to do with a truth about farming and I promise I’ll get to that, but first I want to share something that’s been so heavy on my heart. So in my short Christian life through the process of learning more about Christ and growing in faith, it’s been extremely tough to find that balance of how God’s grace and forgiveness works. For the longest time I struggled with thinking that I had to earn His forgiveness and grace so I tried to be perfect. Of course, I fell short every time so when I failed I felt unworthy of Him. Then on the other side of it, once I started to understand that Jesus’ blood covers my sins and by God’s amazing grace and mercy I’m forgiven but then I started to look at my moments of sin as, “well it’s no big deal, I’ll ask God to forgive me after I do this one little sin and the grace of Christ will cover me.” Both sides are completely wrong and both lead to heartache and the wrong idea about what Jesus has done for us and the forgiveness that allows us to stand before God. The balance is so tough because on one end you sin and feel unworthy, weak, like a failure. On the other end, it’s like saying Jesus died on the cross and took my sin so I can sin?? Like I said, this Christian life is such a process and learning the balance of grace has been quite the journey.

So what does this have to do with sowing and reaping, and golden gooses, here it is. I’ve always heard this verse and it’s made sense but not in the terms of Gods grace. If Jesus has already taken care of our sins, why would we care about what we reap and sow? It’s like someone living like hell 6 days out of the week then coming to church on Sunday expected a big ole harvest. That makes no sense but the sad part is I’ve lived like that so much of my life and watched other Christians do the same. What gets me is since Jesus took care of our sins, paid the debt that we couldn’t pay, then there’s nothing really that bad that could happen if we did sin right? Well this verse from Galatians explains it perfectly, when we sow out of pleasing our flesh, whether saved or not, we reap a harvest of destruction. Something I’ve overlooked for so long is the fact that Jesus has taken care of my sins, He’s washed me white as snow but there is still consequences for our actions and decisions we make in this life. Yes if you’re a follower of Christ you have been forgiven, will always be forgiven, you have eternal life, but when you sin and mess up there is still consequences.

I heard it said like this that made a lot of sense, if a guy gets drunk and decides to drive. Then he gets in a wreck that causes him to lose his arm. Will God forgive him? Yes sir! Will he grow that arm back. Nope! Whether we can see the consequences or not from our sin, they are there. The awesome thing about the grace of Christ is when we are forgiven of our sins, His grace allows us to come to Him, seek Him, open our eyes to see where we messed up. His grace is not just forgiving grace, its life transforming grace. Jesus didn’t make the sacrifice He made on the cross so we could make a one-time confession of faith and of our sins then keep living in whatever way pleases us the most, or living like the world around us. When we realize the power of transformation in His grace we realize a lot about our sowing and reaping game. He allows us to see where we need to stop sowing, where we need to put more time into, when we reap a bad harvest how we can learn from our failure and focus on getting better the next crop.

To take it a level deeper on how important sowing good spiritual things allows us to reap good things, eternal life. Had a friend tell me one time “your mind is like a golden goose that lays golden eggs. It’s so priceless, so to make sure you protect your goose and keep receiving those golden eggs. You have to pay attention and protect your goose by constantly putting good stuff in, then your goose will keep producing golden eggs and just like the good stuff goes in, the good stuff goes out.” It’s crazy how much we take fore granted the root of why our harvest is so bad. Our mind. Jesus’ grace is powerful enough to renew our mind daily but a lot of the time we decide to pour in a whole bunch of crap that leads us to living in ways that pleases us, like the world, no golden egg harvest. This made me take a lot of inventory on what I feed myself or what I sow into my mind. Even to the point of looking at what I spend most of my time doing. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Netflix but how many shows on Netflix really pour some good Godly stuff into you? Not that many. How much does watching tv or the news really pour some good positive Godly encouragement into your life? Not too much. The news these days is so negative and I’m not saying to not watch tv or the news cause you gotta know what’s going on. I constantly find myself wondering why my goose isn’t laying golden eggs and my harvest is so negative or filled with bad thoughts, decisions and actions. When I look at what I put in majority of the time, that’s the problem. If we pour in negative, lustful, evil things into us then we gotta expect that’s what’s coming out.

It’s been such a blessing to realize the power of God’s grace and forgiveness, how important it is to focus on my sowing game and protect my golden goose. I constantly ask myself why I sin the way I do or act the way I do, it comes down to how we spend our time, what we’re putting in front of our eyes, what our ears hear, the people we associate with. Our reaping is a product of where and what we spend our time doing. On the other end of grace, this doesn’t mean we have to read our Bible, go through Christian books or devotionals like crazy, because we can’t work ourselves into renewing our minds or changing what our harvest looks like. It’s His grace, the more we trust in Christ and trust in His grace to make us a little bit better each day. When we realize how much He truly loves us and how He so faithfully and constantly fights for us to move from the sin and despair we get so caught up in then we sow out of faith, love for Who He is. Only He can help us sow good Godly things into ourselves and only He can produce a harvest of righteousness that leads to eternal life. Honestly for me to see these truths in how powerful they truly are, I had to see the consequences. I had to get mad at the way I’ve looked at my sin saying it’s no big deal, I’ll still get to heaven and God will forgive me. It’s so much bigger than that. It’s so much bigger than us. Just think about it, the harvest you reap and golden eggs you lay when you live under His powerful grace, focus in on your sowing game, it won’t just change your life. That harvest that Christ produces changes everything and everyone around you. Kind of makes me feel selfish to have already wasted so much time sowing what pleased me instead of what glorifies Christ. Sow God, reap God. Grace of Jesus changes your world then changed the world. Oh yeah and PROTECT THAT GOLDEN GOOSE!!!!

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