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Found this today looking through some of the old God Gold messages and it was a BIG reminder of what Who we have with us and what He’s capable of doing in our lives. Sitting here at 24 now, it hurts to see how little my thinking and faith in such a BIG God is at times. Obviously the 22 year old Jordan got fired up but I pray our minds can be renewed and we can live in the youthful, exciting passion that so easily fades the more we are subject to this fading world. See life as the younger you saw it, simple and filled with dreams. Maybe you still have those dreams, maybe God has even bigger dreams in store, whatever it is, may your hope and faith be sparked by the fact we serve such a powerful and capable God.

“Whenever I think of desperation–and determinism–I think of the two blind men Jesus met in Matthew, chapter 9. Once they spotted Him walking along the road, they began following Him and shouting, “Son of David, have pity on us!” (verse 27). Even after Jesus had reached His destination and gone inside, they persisted.

Finally, Jesus turned to them and asked, “Do you believe I can make you well?” It was a critical moment. Their answer could change everything. Without hesitation the two men responded, “Yes, Lord. Yes!” (verse 28). And with the touch of a holy finger, their world swirled into focus.

Are you seeking divine help for your own circumstances? Pray big. Think big. Believe big. “Because of your faith,” Jesus told the blind men, “you will be healed” (verse 29). Your life is going to be in proportion to how greatly you believe. Believe little, you get a little life. Believe weak, you get a weak life. Believe fear, you get a life of fear. Believe sickness, you get a sick life. But believe big, and you get a big life!

Jesus said, “Anything is possible for someone who has faith!” (Mark 9:23). Does this mean that the person who believes is going to get everything he wants? No, it doesn’t say that. But it does mean that if you believe big, you move things out of the realm of the impossible into the realm of the possible.”

Think little. Have a little life. Just be little and sit around waiting to die.


We can realize how BIG our God is, how BIG his power is, think BIG, believe BIG, and have a BIG amount of faith in Him! Then not only do we have a BIG life, we are making a BIG BIG BIG BIG impact for God’s Kingdom!

Think better, think Godlier, and think BIGGER!!!!

2 Comments on “BIG

  1. I remember being in my first full-time ministry position at 24. I had BIG dreams and a pastor who stifled them. I don’t know if you have encountered those who “despise your youth” as described in I Timothy 4, but I did. That didn’t stop me from dreaming. Thus far, I have seen many of my BIG dreams become a reality. Bigger than the dreams, as you’ve mentioned, is the fact that we serve a BIG GOD who is “able to do exceeding abundantly above that which we can ask or think”. When the naysayers and the enemy tries to quench the fire, we must remember how big our God is.


    • Really appreciate your insight and experience with this! I’ve encountered similar situations and had the chance to see how easily the fire from those big dreams can be quenched by outside forces. It’s a daily battle for sure. It’s so cool you say that because lately I’ve been holding extremely close to 1 Timothy 4 as guidance. You have no idea how huge of a help your words are. Thank you a ton for these comments!

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