Isn’t God Amazing!?!

God Gold of the Day

“But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭15:57‬

Ran into a pastor who has a big influence in my life tonight while out picking up some things. One of the things he said a few times after describing different situations God was working through with his church, “Isn’t God awesome!” It was the most random and simplest of reminders that just hearing his excitement for the way God works fed into my faith so I saw that time with him saying, “wow God you’re awesome!” Coming time to type this message I had so much on my heart and didn’t know where to begin with scripture, so I started reading and landed on this verse. I don’t always pay as much attention to staying in His will for the Gold and speaking from what He wants me sharing instead of my own thoughts but today I felt the need to double check that this was the Gold He wanted out there. Opened up my Bible app to read more, the verse of the day, 1 Corinthians 15:57. Isn’t God awesome!?!?!

After going through a season in my life where there has been so much uncertainty, so much change, and so many questions. God has brought me so low from where I thought I’d be by this time but in this low season, He humbled me. He’s hit me in every weak spot of pride and opened my eyes to see exactly how desperate I am for His presence in my life. The tough part for me is I can’t stand not being able to figure something out. Especially in this situation with all the questions and low circumstances I didn’t want to be in, I would spend my days going in circles trying to figure out my situation. The result was going nowhere. I found no answers and only grew more confused, restless, and frustrated by my circumstances not being where I thought they should be. It’s been a hard season but I wouldn’t trade it for anything because of what God has taught me through it.

As much as I wanted to create my victory or figure out the formula on what I should do to overcome my situation, I couldn’t. I’m not capable. The more we try to do something for victory the farther away from it we become. On top of struggling with my own confusing thoughts of course I had opinions being poured into me on what would be best for me and what I should do coming in non stop. I appreciate the voices I have in my life from people who only want the best for me. I have more wisdom around me than I know what to do with at times and I’m more than thankful. The problem I faced was listening to my thoughts of defeat and taking the outside voices into more consideration than what God says. I know He speaks through people close to us to get His truth across to us but in this case, I let all the different opinions plus my own send me in 100 different directions. Trying to run all those ways and my way took me spinning. Like I said earlier, I was moving and spinning but the result left me in the same place I started.

At the end of the day, outside help and your own thoughts can help but none can help like the truth of God’s Word. Ideas this and it hit me. Because of Christ and what He has done to set us free and give us victory, there’s no formulas or work we can do to have any more victory. It took a lot to get this through my prideful thoughts that I can figure it out, all I have to do is receive this truth and believe it. That’s it! Receiving God’s truth that “He has given us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” There’s nothing we can do to make that true, just receive it as His truth, THE truth, believe that you have been given victory.

This truth that’s so daggum simple it makes me want to pull my hair out that I spent so much time complicating it in my life. This truth of the victory we have received has cut through all the lies the devil has put in my head to confuse me, my own thoughts, all the outside voices. Even though my circumstances don’t look all that good at the moment in my eyes, thank God we don’t have to live this life looking through our eyes. That’s faith. Looking into life and the surrounding circumstances that should tear you down but instead seeing it through God’s truth. Seeing past all the mud and low seasons, believing what God says is true, “you have been given victory.”

It’s like a farmer planting his crop, there’s joy and excitement when he plants the seed and when he harvests the seed, but what happens in that middle stage? The cultivating stage. That’s where you can’t see exactly how God is growing that seed into a beautiful and bountiful harvest. Not being able to see the harvest result as soon as you want it, having to continue to put the work in worrying and letting yourself doubt what the work God is doing. A farmer who has faith in the victory Christ has given, he doesn’t waste time running 100 different directions trying to work harder to make his crop the best or listening to other farmers more than the One who is causing the growth. A farmer with this faith has just as much peace and joy in cultivating as during the planting and harvesting season. He receives the truth of the victory he’s been given, he believes he has victory despite what his own eyes see, he continues to do the necessary work of daily watering and feeding himself this truth.

That truth has completely changed the game for me in my life. When you continue to trust and believe in the victory you’ve been given, no matter what comes your way God will help you live in that victory. Keep trusting and holding tight to this promise no matter what stage of life you’re in. Realizing the victory that’s God has set right in front of us, it makes me want to say, “isn’t God amazing?!?!!!!!!”

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