Why Not Now?

God Gold of the Day

Big shout out to my buddy RC Sloan for telling me to check this song out awhile back! I usually try to share what I’m going through, struggling with, or a piece of God’s Word that really hit me but when this song came on today while I was going down the road it was just too awesome not to share. There is so much encouragement and hope packed in these lyrics showing how we serve such a powerful and capable God. There was a few lines that hit me extremely hard that I wanted to share.

Cause You know my body’s broken
You know my eyes can’t see
You know I’m looking for a miracle
So why not here? Why not me?
Even when it all seems hopeless
Even though we don’t know how
Lord, we’re believing for a miracle
So why not here? Why not now?

We go through this life everyday and the more we live, the more we are shown just how incapable we are. If it was up to us to be strong and see the goodness of God at work all around us, we’d be living a pretty hopeless life. Thank God that even though our bodies are broken, we don’t know how, and all seems hopeless in our eyes He gave us hope and strength through Jesus! We may be incapable but Jesus is more than capable. He gives us strength when we’re too weak to move. He opens our eyes to see His presence all over our lives and in the world around us, constantly opening us up to see the truth in His Word. He gives us hope when everything around us looks so impossible. A hope that gets us out of bed every morning, a hope that continues to push us forward past the uncertainties and obstacles that lay in our path. Jesus Christ, the Son of God lives in us and with us, think about that!! THE SON OF GOD!! To have a personal relationship and identity in Jesus Christ, He gives us the hope and freedom to walk out every single day saying “WHY NOT NOW?” He’s so powerful and so capable, doesn’t that raise your expectations and belief of the miracles He’s capable of doing in your life, whether big or small, Why not now? When things look hopeless, when your situation sucks, when your told you aren’t good enough, your not strong enough to get past your struggles, say “Why not now?” Let your belief in the powerful and capable God you serve raise your expectations and keep moving forward. That simple little question puts everything back into perspective that God is more than capable of doing more than we could ever think or think.

I wanna see the mute start talking
I wanna see the lame start walking
Walking through the darkest night
Shouting out ’cause You bring the light
I wanna see the closed doors open
I wanna see the left out chosen
Chosen from the start of time
It’s ’bout time You let faith arise


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