God Gold of the Day

So I ended up getting convicted and preached directly to today by my younger self. I was looking through some of the old God Gold messages and this one hit me right where I was living. I had just gotten back from my first mission trip to Rwanda in this message and it seems like my friends there continue to teach and impact my life every day. Looking back at this truth of simplifying our lives and then looking at how complicated I’ve made my life lately, I wonder why I can’t seem to find the same peace, joy, and love in my relationship with the Lord. The answer seems obvious now, I continue to chase and put my trust in everything around me in my life that all that mess is taking up space where God should be. God wants nothing more for us to come to Him, leave ourselves and the things we chase in this world behind so He can help us knock all that complicated mess out of the way and fully experience the perfect, powerful, and simplistic love of the Lord. In our eyes it seems like the bigger the better, but the Lord says step back, step into simple, little living and watch Him work. The worship and joy that these people had was an experience and lesson I’ll never forget and whats crazy is looking around them and seeing their lives up close, we would look at it and say they have no reason to be this joyful and thankful. They didn’t have much which left even more room for God to make Himself known in their lives. They had little but they had God and little is much when God is in it. Simplify today, tomorrow, and every day, not just things but every area of your life. It doesn’t have to be drastic changes all at once but it’s one decision at a time, one step to simple at a time. Even though you may not see it at first, those little steps to simplicity walked out everyday will add up and God will make Himself known in big ways through your little. Simplify—>Magnify.

Psalms 19:7/ “The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple;”

“I’m back!!! I appreciate all of the prayers and support for these last two weeks in Rwanda! I could talk bout stuff I experienced and learned for days but the biggest takeaway from the trip was seeing the simplicity of how the Lord works. I have always looked at God’s Word and my personal relationship with Him as some detailed formula I’ve got to figure out and in Rwanda I was brought back to the basics of just how simple it all really is. Visiting homes of people in poverty, living lives of a day in and day out grind to find food for their kids but they had the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen and were so proud of what little they had. The church services I went to in buildings with lawn chairs for seats, dirt floors, no big building or fancy equipment but those people worshiped at a level I’ve never seen! Dancing, singing and praising the Lord with the little they had. When I had to get out of the comforts I’m used to of hot showers and not much WiFi even though that doesn’t compare to the struggles. Not having those simple commodities allowed me to put all of my focus the perfectness, power, and simplicity of the Lord. People had so little but they had what mattered. Without the distractions of trivial and material things all of their focus was on the Lord and it was so easy to see because of how much grace and joy they showed in their lives. It was incredible seeing so little but God was in it which made it bigger than I’ve ever seen Him. I learned more from those people than I ever could have from a billionaire with a big house and a lot of pointless stuff. As much as I’ve always thought God only works on huge miraculous stages I was hit right into reality real quick. My challenge from the trip wasn’t to make any drastic changes in my life but to simplify it. Even going back into the mundane of school, work, and busy schedules, I’m keeping the words Live Simple in front of me at all times because that’s when the law of the Lord is seen as so perfect and soul reviving. I don’t need to be wise in reading or trying to figure a formula out on having a strong relationship with the Lord, when He is at work the wise is made simple. I’ve never been so content and joyful in my whole life from simplifying my lifestyle to put more focus on what matters like my friends in Rwanda showed me. My challenge for myself and for you is to Live Simple because little is much when God is in it.”

Here’s a couple of videos of that worship I was talking about!!! When things get simple, MAN!! Worshiping and living with God gets LIT!!! 


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