God Gold of the Day

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. “/Hebrews 11:1

 “Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken,let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe,”/ Hebrews 12:28

Hope you enjoy this little video about faith! I was at work today and had my own run-in with faith. I was working as a cashier and a lady came through my line. I said, “hey, how are you doing today?” You know, you usually get the same responses, “good, how are you?” Maybe every once in awhile you’ll get an older person that goes on and on about the weather and the occasional crazy conversation when somebody walks through with some personality to em. This lady just cut it to me straight. She responded, “well, it could be better, found out today that the job I’m working is going to end next month.” I noticed something immediately, she wasn’t complaining when she said that, her confident tone was sounding like it was no big deal. I got to talking to her more and I told her, “I hate to hear that, hope everything works out.” I didn’t really know what to say to be honest but she told me that she was buying those groceries getting ahead on the upcoming situation in her life. She said she had mouths to feed so she had to make it work. Then she said something that stuck with me when I was trying to be nice and offer my condolences to her, “the Lord is going to take care of us, He always does, just gotta keep going and trusting in Him.” Living in the Bible belt of the South it’s not unusual to hear someone say the Lord is in control or just got to keep having faith in the Lord. This woman wasn’t just casually throwing around her faith though, I could tell by her confident tone, the way she was handling things preparing for her kids to make sure they had food to eat, and the fact that she kept saying it.

That random encounter with her today put everything in a whole new world of perspective. She had probably some of the worst possible news and she wasn’t sitting around pouting about it, she was moving in her faith, she was speaking her faith. I can’t say if I got that news with not even kids that depend on me that I would’ve reacted that way. Most likely I would’ve been freaking out. This lady was so confident in what God was going to do that she wasn’t moved or shaken when resistance came in her life. She stood firm in the Lord, she wasn’t sulking or acting like a victim. She was still getting the job done and even though she couldn’t see the Lord’s provision in future employment, her finances, or how she would feed her kids, she had faith. She had faith in God’s loving and faithful provision that she was literally using what God had blessed her with and preparing for the next blessings God was going to send her way. She was living like a sponsor for the Christian Nike brand, “JUST HAVE FAITH.” There’snot one but if there was you know what I’m saying. I literally looked at the next guy in line and he had on Nike pants that said “Just do it” in huge letters. So it hit me, “Just do it, JUST HAVE FAITH.”

This woman gave me a stronger faith by just being and hearing her example. Instead of giving up, living defeated and sitting and sulking in her misfortune. She JUST HAD FAITH, and she continued to live and walk in what she knew God was going to do in her life. It’s amazing to me that an encounter that simple can be such a lesson for us all but that’s how God works. As simple as God works, that’s as simple as we are called to live. Just keep moving and battling no matter how hard the hits may seem at the current moment because each and every trial we face we can look to God who will give us plenty to get through it. We just keep stepping and walking through the storm knowing the Lord has us and by the time we get out He has an even bigger blessing awaiting us. Maybe it’s an answered prayer, a breakthrough, or you just learn so much through the battle you faced in the storm, now God has made you stronger, wiser and ready for the next time you get some bad news. Faith doesn’t enable but it points our eyes to the One who is able showing us that with God, we’re unshakable.

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