God Gold of the Day

Because of our faith, Christ has brought us into this place of undeserved privilege where we now stand, and we confidently and joyfully look forward to sharing God’s glory.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭5:2‬

Just realized I promised y’all Velma Lou yesterday and she didn’t show up! She gave me a thumbs up saying she’s good now!!! Continuing in Romans 5 today moving onto verse 2! It’s really cool how God shows you more and more when you really break down His Word and dig into it! I pray this can be an encouragement to you to do the same in whatever passage because His Word truly makes such a great difference in our lives.

In Romans 5:1, we saw how understanding the truth about what Jesus has done on the cross changes so much for us in our lives. It moves us from what we think we know to the powerful life-changing truth of what happened at the cross. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross removed and forgave us of all our sin, past, present and future. We see that Jesus has made us right before God, all the guilt, all the pain, washed away. It’s not anything we can do or not do, it’s only about what Jesus has done! So now we can rest in the peace and security that we are loved and forgiven by God! We are children of God and we have been given freedom to walk in this relationship with the Father!

In verse 2 of Romans 5, we see that by our faith in Christ, believing in Jesus as the Son of God, believing in what He has done through His death and resurrection, Jesus has brought us to a new life, a life as one with Him. We definitely don’t deserve to stand as right and clean before God but because of what Jesus has done we can! Jesus has changed our identity, once we stood as a lowly, weak defeated sinner but now we are free from that life. With our faith in Christ and what He has done, God calls us His children!!!

I face this identity crisis everyday believing that I am just Jordan Rogers and thats it. I believe I’m a guy who is weak and sins, just a human. So with my belief in that identity, I usually live down to those low standards. An awesome reminder of this place Christ has brought us into, this new life with Him, raised from my old identity and now my identity is in who God says I am. John 14:20 says, ““When I am raised to life again, you will know that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.” How awesome is that!!!! When we are raised to this new life in Christ, we see that Christ is one with the Father, we are in Christ as one, and He is in us so ultimately we are united as one with God. He literally lives with us and we get to live with Him. How much does that knowing that truth change for you? You’re not just a citizen of earth, you are a child of God, a citizen of Heaven!!!

With our life in Christ and Christ in us, our true identity, who God says we are is established. We are no longer a product of our past or our surroundings, we are ONE with Jesus. His presence in our lives brings life and power that breaks the chains of the sins of yesterday and sets our feet on this new journey where nothing in this world can touch us, impossible becomes more than possible, and not enough becomes more than enough! With this position Christ has brought us into as loved and forgiven children of God, God makes it clear that this identity we have now in Him and Him in us, we are a new creation, yesterday is gone and now we have this confident expectation of what God can and will do in our lives! The hope that comes from knowing who you really are is raised out of this world! The peace and comfort we have as a child of God is so amazing to just walk in throughout our days on this earth no matter what comes our way!

We are a product of our beliefs. Our behavior is a direct result of our strongest belief. If we believe that we’re just a human, a weak sinner then in return we will live like one. But if we believe the truth, the truth that the Creator of the universe tells us, then no longer do we have to listen to the lies of Satan and keep taking hits, living defeated. The truth is with faith in Christ, you are one with Christ and He is one with you, you have been adopted as a child of God. Our identity crisis is over, believe who God says you are, and you’ll live in the freedom and victory that comes with this new life and identity with Him! It’s crazy how everything becomes reversed when we stop believing that we are just who we are, all the struggles and doubts, the failures of your past, those are gone!! Instead of living as a product of yesterday and just you, know you’re not alone, you’re a child of the King!!! How you live and act today doesn’t have to be like yesterday, God has given us new steps to take, new life to live, and new hope to hold onto and this hope is renewed daily remaining new each day! Something cool I saw too is Jesus didn’t give you this new life and identity as a child of God to put your hope in one day. One day in eternity you’ll share in God’s glory, one day later in life maybe, yes those are both true but because of God’s awesome grace, you stand in this position NOW!!! We get to share in His glory right this second so there’s no point in putting your hope any farther than the next step you take because then years down the road and in eternity when we come face to face with God Himself, it will be even sweeter. Christ has given us a new identity as one with Him, a child of God, put your belief in that awesome truth that God says about you!!! Believe the truth and the truth will be written all over each step you take from this moment and each step towards eternity! Put your belief in this position Jesus has given us, walk in this new life, this grace filled confident expectation! Low living and defeat may have been yesterday’s storyline in your life but it doesn’t have to be today’s!!!!

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