Hope Wrapped in Love

God Gold of the Day

 “And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”/Romans 5:5

So here we are, the last verse of all this Romans Gold! I had to really read over this verse so many times today to get the message and it’s so simple. This “hope” mentioned above, it isn’t the kind of hope we’re used to. Like for example, “I hope I get a red ryder bb gun from Santa this year! “I hope I don’t fail this test.” You see the problem with that hope, it’s empty. In each of those statements, there is a big chance that what you hoped for doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. This hope is the kind of hope we put in ourselves and the kind of hope we put in things of this world. You don’t know for sure if the what you hope for will actually happen because it’s hope in things that don’t always deliver, well Santa is an exception. This hope is more like a wish than anything else. It’s a hope that fails, deceives and disappoints us more times than not. The good thing is, this hope mentioned in Romans 5:5, it isn’t based on you, anything in this world or Santa Claus, it’s the hope we can have in God!

This hope never puts us to shame in any way, form, or fashion because this hope is from God and in God. God never fails us, never disappoints, and never ever deceives us because His Word is truth, He is truth! If we’ve seen anything the last few days from these verses from Romans 5, it’s that our relationship with God doesn’t depend on our faithfulness, how good we are, or who we are. Because of what Christ did for us, we can stand as clean and perfect before God, forgiven and loved by Him. Our identity is no longer in ourselves but our identity is in Christ and Christ alone, the old life and all it’s failures have been washed away and Christ has raised us to new life with Him. And the biggest thing, no matter what God loves us and is always faithful to me and you. How God loves us isn’t dependent on how we love Him or how obedient we are, He loves us eternally and abundantly through everything all of the time! How freeing does that feel?!?! Instead of spending so much time trying to do enough or trying not to mess up trying to earn this unending, unchanging and awesome love from God when we already have it!!!

When we set our hope in the God who is always loving and constantly faithful to us, the expectations of everything in our lives is elevated. The failures of yesterday and the tough situations we’re in right now mean absolutely nothing anymore. Hope in God erases those low living thoughts of defeat we so often live with. When our hope is in God, who loves us like He does, we can rest secure under His powerful presence, we can live confidently in what God has in store for us. Has He not proven His love already, sacrificing His only Son on the cross to die a death that me and you deserved just so we could have life, life in the fullest of ways, life eternally, life with Him. On top of that he’s given us the Holy Spirit living within us, the Spirit of God that helps us apply this great hope in each step we take. The Spirit guides us and reminds us of how loved we are by God! Because of the love God has for us we can put everything we have in this glorious hope! Hope in God, who is capable of literally anything, this hope raises the bar on everything in our lives. We can walk with peace, joy and get daggum excited when trials or problems come because with God, our One and only Hope, we can walk this hope out as victorious before we even see a glimpse of victory. We can live stronger, more courageous, and free in the steps we now take as loved children of God! Thank God for this hope He’s given us!!! To be completely honest, without Him I don’t have a clue how I could even get out of bed tomorrow! Let’s walk in celebration of this relationship we have with God and how much God, the Creator of all loves us so deeply and so faithfully! It’s not even Valentine’s Day yet but MAN!!! I AM FEELING THE LOVE!!!

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