Old Timing Gold

God Gold of the Day

Ran across this song today that goes way way back! I usually share music that’s more contemporary but thanks to my Dad, he gave me a big-time Gospel music background growing up. At the end of the day, whether you claim to listen to the new stuff or the old, there’s no difference because Jesus is in both and the message is still the same today as it was back then. I remember every Sunday morning my dad would crank up some old gospel music and play it non-stop til it was time to go to church. I didn’t really pay attention much back then but it’s crazy, out all the times I heard my dad play this song. Today, it finally hit me. It’s crazy looking back I just thought he was doing his thing but he was laying a gospel foundation centered around Jesus from the very beginning. I didn’t appreciate it much then, but it’s awesome how God brings things up from the past years down the road and now after the experiences we’ve had, the struggle, heartache. and this new life with Christ. God saves us, sets us free to live victoriously through the one and only, Jesus Christ, so to the old or younger version of who we used to be, isn’t it awesome to proclaim that “thanks to calvary, I don’t live there anymore!!!” Take a listen to this old school gospel tune today and enjoy this precious gift of life Jesus has bought for us from the cross!!!

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