Touchdown Timmy

God Gold of the Day

I don’t know if you’ve seen this video floating around the internet lately but as soon as I saw it today, I got so hype at all the God Gold Mr. Tebow was spitting!!! Whether you follow sports or not Tim Tebow, former Heisman trophy winner and now pro baseball player, he has always spoken out for his faith and been a great example of what following Christ looks like on any platform! It’s so awesome hearing him speak the truth to the world! It’s also extremely encouraging to hear what he says. “Keep perspective and not letting other people define you.” I so often make decisions, do certain things or don’t do certain things because of other’s opinions. What will they think? Will they look at me differently? I struggle with this at times when I type these messages, I get caught in this people pleasing fear so I hold back some stuff or I try to make it sound pretty. I’ve learned the hard way, it’s impossible to please everybody and trying to holds you back from pleasing the only One that matters, God. It was so great hearing him speak about the fear and doubt of trying to please people, especially the naysayers, I know I’ve felt that, I’m sure we all have, but we don’t have to stay there.

Just hitting how life-changing knowing your identity can be from yesterday’s gold, all that matters is what God says about you, you are loved, accepted, forgiven. So let’s put all the negative and outside noise to the side and keep our hearts and minds focused on who God says you are, His child, free, and victorious Child of God!!!! WOOOO!!!! Be defined by your identity in Christ and nothing else!!! Then live, just step out the bed today and just live! Nothing and nobody can hurt you, just start walking into the world in God’s perspective and get excited because God has given you the chance to show others in this world how good God is and how good this life is with Him!!! So so GOOOD!!!! Hope this lights a fire under ya today and opens up your perspective goggles!! I love you and God loves you so so much more!!


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