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God Gold of the Day

“These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:32-34‬ ‭

I’m extremely excited to share this Gold with you today! Had to dig deep in the mine but when it comes to God’s Word, it’s always worth digging for to find His Gold! Worry is something I’ve really struggled with the past few months of my life. I’ve noticed in this world we live in with so many moving parts, going so fast all the daggum time, and the devil seems to keep scheming up more and more clever ways to get at us, worry happens and when it does it can lead to some nasty stuff. Self-doubt, depression, all sorts of insecurities. A feeling honestly like you’re a dragon and with each moment, each person you come in contact with you’ve got this fire building up inside you ready to explode.

So worry sucks pretty bad. Been learning a lot lately from the Lord on how to handle worry and these verses just capped it off! My biggest problem with worry is worrying about the future. I get so caught up in tomorrow, my dreams, what will happen, and unfortunately when I do this I’m not a great person and I don’t treat others the way they should be treated. It’s like your eyes are so focused worrying about tomorrow that you look past the people and relationships God has put in front of you right now. It’s a crappy way to serve and love people the way they deserve and it’s just not fun.

You see when I worry about tomorrow, get caught up in my plans, my dreams, I don’t just look past people, I look past today’s opportunities that God has given me to serve. God says just worry about today because there is enough concerns right in front of you. That makes so much sense now. I think dreaming is awesome and people should have a vision and goals for their life, but what can happen is if we focus so much on what’s to come. We miss out on the hard work and steps on this journey of life we have to take to get to where God wants us. If you overlook today’s opportunities and work, what good is dreams, you’ll never get there.

I’ll be honest I got pissed at myself earlier looking at the times I’ve wasted and relationships I put to the side, and most of all the fun of life. So worried about tomorrow that I wasn’t even having fun. It just hit me after seeing God’s truth staring me right in the face about Who He is and the fact that I have a relationship with such a loving, good, and providing God!! How awesome is that??? God tells us simply how He is there for us providing everything we need to win the day in front of us. So with that I mind, what are we worried about?

An example that hit me today, you know when you’re watching a football or baseball game. Sometimes the wide receiver gets a perfect throw from the quarterback but his eyes are already so focused on the running for the touchdown that he turns to quick and drops the ball. It’s the same way in baseball, ball gets hit to a fielder and they get so zoned in on throwing the runner out that they move too quickly and don’t even catch the ball. It’s an easy mistake to make, we get so focused on scoring or making a play that we don’t even catch the ball so we can’t run for the touchdown or throw anybody out. The good thing for us, God is our quarterback and He is always going to throw the ball right where we need it so we can make the catch. The big lesson here that I know I’ve repeated but it’s so crucial. We have to focus in on catching the passes God throws our way today if we are ever going to get a touchdown.

These verses just brought such a peace about me today. Seeing that God already knows our every need, He is faithful to fulfill our needs and give us everything we need to live a life that pleases Him. He is taking us through today’s concerns preparing us for tomorrow’s dreams being fulfilled. Having God as a quarterback throwing those passes right where we need them constantly, that gives me so much peace and so much joy in just living life with God. Serving, loving and having fun in each day catching His passes, taking every opportunity He sets in front of us with the vision and dream still in mind but our worries staying in right now, leaving them with God.

We’re not meant to be able carry the burdens of tomorrow’s unknown on our shoulders. We can try to find an answer or control the situation but we have to remember to catch the perfect pass God throws at us today first. Seek Him first above all else, live, serve and love with Him and for Him. Only He is in control of what happens tomorrow and only He can get you there! He already knows where to throw the ball, exactly what we need, we already know He’s going to give us everything we need to catch it, so let’s just live man. Enjoy each pass thrown your way today, attack each opportunity, and God will take care of the touchdowns. How freeing and comforting is that?!?! God’s going to do an awesome work in your life and He’s to provide for you every step of the journey. Just trust Him and live. Embrace today with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind, having God at the lead today will make your tomorrow’s better than you could have ever imagined!

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