Be Still

God Gold of the Day

“He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”/ Psalm 46:10

I apologize for getting the Gold out so late today! Learned a big lesson in my tardiness on this. At times I struggle a lot with just stopping, stepping back from the busyness of life, the daily grind of striving, the hustle in wanting to move forward and be better as a person and really just be better for Christ. This world has a way of getting us so busy, moving super fast and honestly messed up in the need to be more and do more. I’ve even struggled typing these messages to you lately with the thought that I’ve got to do more, deliver these perfect life-changing messages to you but in the midst of that I found myself becoming and being someone who is not me. I was trying to be in control, be better, be perfect, but I’m not any of those things, I can’t be because I’m simply not capable of it.

What’s awesome is that we serve a God that says, STOP!!!! Step back from trying to be all these things and “be still.” That’s it, just be still. Stop your running around, and striving for a minute and “be still.” I took a step back this morning and took God’s simple advice. It was really hard for me to slow down and take time to be still with God because it’s not something I do often but in that time of being still, it changed everything. Just stopping, actually talking to God, reading His Word and deeply seeking Him, seeking to hear what He wanted me to learn about who He is. I was blown away at how often I have complicated this beautiful relationship with God that I have thinking I need to be all these things but all I really need to be is still. It’s in the stillness where our hearts become softened and opened up to God. The comfort and encouragement that comes in the stillness come from realizing that He is God, He is in full control of every situation of our lives and of this world even down to the smallest of things. He is God and He is with us at all times, good and bad, He hears our prayers and the yearnings of our heart. He is God and He loves us so stinkin much, He works things together for the good of those who trust in Him. He is God and He has us. It’s so wild and awesome that we have this opportunity to have a relationship with God, THE God, the Creator of everything around us.

I’ve wanted so badly to be better for God by making these messages as good as they can possibly be so that you can be encouraged and inspired in the biggest of ways. I’ve wanted to make these messages go farther and be heard by more because God has made such a difference in my life, it’s exciting to think of Him doing the same in others, maybe even people that don’t know Him. Whatever it is in your life, if you’re trying to be better for God, be what the world tells you should be, or you get caught up in the busyness and grind of everyday life, the lesson that God has given to us in all this being is to just “be still.” It’s not some hard or complicated truth, it’s simple just like God is, it’s crazy how digging into the moments of stillness before God and spending that deep and intimate time with Him, you learn that He is God and He is in control. Nothing you do more or less will change that, He will be exalted and spread throughout the world no matter what, the question is, can we be still enough to step back and allow God to be magnified and exalted in our lives? Be still and watch what God does!!!


2 Comments on “Be Still

    • Glad it could help brother! It took a lot of learning the hard way on this one but an awesome lesson to learn more of God and what He’s capable of doing by just being still! Thanks man!

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