“king” or KING

God Gold of the Day

“They said to him, “You are old, and your sons do not follow your ways; now appoint a king to lead us, such as all the other nations have.”
But when they said, “Give us a king to lead us,” this displeased Samuel; so he prayed to the Lord. And the Lord told him: “Listen to all that the people are saying to you; it is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king. As they have done from the day I brought them up out of Egypt until this day, forsaking me and serving other gods, so they are doing to you. Now listen to them; but warn them solemnly and let them know what the king who will reign over them will claim as his rights.”
1 Samuel 8:5-9
Hey everybody! I wanted to take a second and apologize for not having a God Gold message for you today. I want to be honest with you and tell you that I personally burnt myself out. I continued to focus so heavily on these messages and what they will mean for you that I let go of what God’s Word means for me. I fell into the trap of trying to feed you the best I possibly could that I wasn’t feeding myself, and if you’ve learned this lesson before, you know that if we don’t take time as individuals to fill ourselves with the truth of God’s Word, if we don’t take that time to dedicate to really digging into God’s Word and our relationship with the Lord and not just finding some stuff that may sound “cool” but opening up our hearts to receive God’s truth and letting His Word be a mirror for us to evaluate our lives and where we need to grow with the help of the Lord, if we don’t take time to get fed, we will starve! It’s unfortunate but I can tell you that it was a big reason for my burn out. I found myself farther from God and growing in my personal relationship with Him so to be fed I looked to areas and things of this world to find my worth and find that source of filling but was brought back to the truth that only through God and intentionally investing time with Him first daily, without that I can’t do anything especially type these messages. Also, by not investing in my own relationship with God, I’m no good to anyone else in my life including you. It was a huge lesson for me and I’m thankful for going through it because God has given me a much better perspective on life and how these messages are supposed to be. As much as I have plans to make them better and bigger to get God’s Word out to so many others, it starts with how the God Gold started, God’s Word and what His Word means for me, what is He telling me or showing me? It’s the same in all our lives and I pray this lesson can help you also! This world has a lot to offer and we can catch ourselves striving for all the wrong reasons but stay close to God personally first and foremost and then all the other stuff in life will fall into place.
Opened up my Bible today to these verses from 1 Samuel. Israel had been under a period where God worked through Judges to lead the people. Judges were just like prophets and almost like Kings but they were just vessels the Lord spoke His truth through to give to the people and lead them in God’s way. Samuel had been Israel’s Judge for quite some time and stepping back for a little while his son’s took over some of his duties. His son’s went about their new job in a terrible way, searching for personal gain through every way the world could offer so the people were tired of them and having judges. The people wanted a King.
These verses were huge for me because I felt so much like the people of Israel here. Just plain out hardheaded and stubborn!!! They wanted a “king” because all of the surrounding nations had one so they wanted to be like them. They thought having a “king” would fulfill all of their needs and make everything better for them as a people and as a nation. Samuel wasn’t too excited about the people’s request because first off they wanted a ‘king” for all the wrong reasons and at the root of it they were rejecting having God as their true KING, saying He’s not enough. I have found myself in a very similar position, searching for worth in what I have in front of me, searching to find my needs met by things of this world. God tells Samuel in verse 8, hey these people are stubborn, “As they have done from the day I brought them up out of Egypt until this day, forsaking me and serving other gods, so they are doing to you.” 
What’s crazy even though we have different circumstances than the Israelites did, wouldn’t you agree that we are stubborn just as they are? I know I am extremely stubborn. Looking back at what God has done for the Israelites, delivering them our of slavery in Egypt, taking them through all those hopeless years wandering in the wilderness, bringing them into the promised land. God has given them so many victories but they still want to substitute God for something they think will be better for them. It makes no sense but hey, I am stubborn in this same way. Looking back at all God has done in my life, taking me out of a life of complete bondage, He delivered me and brought me into a new life with Him. Even with Him though and what He has brought to my life through His Salvation, there has still been quite a bit of wandering and seeking answers in things of this world to give me what only God can. I can see clearly that God has given me literally everything and then some but I am so daggum stubborn that I continue to search out substitutes to find my worth in, answers for my problems in things of this world. Just like the people of Israel, I want a “king” so badly but the truth is, I already have a KING and my KING is God!!!
Whatever your reasons are for wanting a “king” other than God, just as God tells Samuel, tell them they can have a “king” but make sure to tell them how that will go. If we want to have a ‘king” in our lives, if we want to find our needs met or answers in something of this world, God allows us to go down the road! And thank God He does! God knows that when we search out a “king” other than Him, if we try to find a substitute other than Him, we will always come up short. We will always find ourselves empty and burnt out seeking for something more. So God allows us to do our own thing because at the end of the day, after realizing that no “king’ of this world comes close to comparing with the one and only King we have in God! No “king” can do the things that God has done in our lives! No “king” can fill our needs like God does, give us true worth like God does! We can be stubborn, like I know I’ve been so many times and keep chasing horizontal fixes that will only give us temporary answers. Or we can keep digging into God’s Word, stay close to Him personally and continue to ask God to remind us that as good as all those “kings” look that everybody else around us has, we aren’t called to fit in with everybody else, we’re called to stand out and show the world that our lives are built on the love and faithfulness of the ONE, TRUE, and ONLY KING and HE IS God!!!!
Step back in those moments where you find yourself asking for a “king” and look back at what all God has done from each moment you’ve spent with Him as your King. He’s all we need, there’s no substitute for Him and thankfully He’s here with us now in each moment, as our ONE TRUE KING!!!!

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