The Passion Fruits

God Gold of the Day

Excited to share with you one of my favorite stories from these Rwanda trips! A story about a Gospel quartet called, “the Passion Fruits.” These two little girls came out of nowhere and God used them in moments that changed my life forever! God taught a valuable lesson here for all of us, even when you think you have nothing to give, if you’ve got God and show up. He is more than enough to always show out! This moment along with so many others is a testament to who God is and why I write these messages to you! He is so good and He loves us so much! I pray He teaches us all more to get out of the way and open ourselves up to His awesome work. Something so simple, God turns into huge HALLELUJAHS for His glory to be seen and heard throughout the community. Shall we move aside and watch God change lives! It’s what He does and thank God He uses each of us to be apart of His mission!!! Videos below of the message and those awesome God moments!

Oh yeah! And by the way, this past year, not knowing if I would see the Passion Fruits or not after a whole year, looked up while working the second day there, what’d ya know!!! They came to visit me!!!! We had a few more concerts and of course they were awesome!!! Come see our next show, LIVE in RWANDA 2020! Or sooner if God makes it possible!

The Passion Fruits LIVE!!!!


The big goofy white man you’ve been hearing about!


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