God Gold of the Day

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:33‬

I’ve been spending some time on this verse all week and today I saw it really become real life for me. I’ve noticed a lot lately that I’ve gotten in a pattern of spending time in the Word with more of a focus on how I can serve you through the God Gold messages or others in my life. During that, I’ve overlooked that personal time of reflection and faith challenging learning with God. Doesn’t sound like a bad problem to have but I’m going to tell you exactly why it is.

Theres nothing wrong with wanting to serve others but sometimes in the different positions we find ourselves in through life, we can find ourself pouring everything we have out without re-fueling what we pour out. This can happen in different job arenas, your work life in general compared to where you invest the rest of your time, in so many different ways and areas a lot of you can relate. It’s the same with working so much that you don’t take time to eat enough, or eat healthy or sleep, then because you’re pouring out so much, without taking the time to rest and refuel, you find yourself worthless in the work you do, struggling in every area of life because you let your time of refuel, pouring into self not be as important.

It’s the same with God, living the Christian life we are taught by Jesus, the greatest example we have on humility and serving others always. I had a mentor talking with me today and he discussed his quiet time and work outs were in the morning because after doing that, he was better for everyone else he served and all the work he did the rest of the day! I said something that’s true but in the right terms, on how I haven’t been “selfish” enough with my quiet time seeking the Lord because I was so focused on serving you. He simply said, “it’s not selfish, it’s Biblical.” And he’s right! Jesus’ awesome example taught us how to serve others and humble ourselves before others but look at how many times Jesus went off to pray, to be alone with God! A LOT!!!

And that wasn’t an accident, it was on purpose as an example to us. Without seeking God, spending time getting to know Him, letting the Word reflect where you’re struggling and challenge your faith to move forward leaning on God’s help! Without spending that time with God pouring into your self and getting fueled up, you won’t have anything to give others, you won’t be able to function without Him, at least not very well. I’m challenging myself to make my quiet time with the Lord a priority because after a few days of doing that first, it’s been easy to see how everything else changes, my mindset, perspective, and how I serve others is completely different and much much better.

I would make the excuse at times that because I was serving others that I could skip that time but noticed quickly that without that time I have nothing to give to anyone, I’m running on empty and have nothing to pour out. Simply, without seeking God first, it’s really difficult to live a life aligned with Him step by step and a life that is able to be of service to others. It’s like a saying I’ve heard before, “You have to change YOUR world if you’re going to change THE world.” Simple but easy to overlook. Pour into yourself today, rest and refuel on God’s Word, prayer with Him, just time alone seeking Him. All the other stuff, serving others, how to do that, how to live a life pleasing to Him that glorifies His awesome name, all your worries and all your struggles, SEEK HIM and all these things will be added to you!!!!! It’s a priority we just can’t live without!!! Pour in to pour out!!!!!

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    • That’s so cool and thank you for sharing that! It is really awesome to see God sending the God Gold to other nations! And thank you so much for the encouraging feedback!


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