God Gold of the Day

‘But God is so rich in mercy, and he loved us so much, that even though we were dead because of our sins, he gave us life when he raised Christ from the dead. (It is only by God’s grace that you have been saved!) For he raised us from the dead along with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ Jesus. ‘ -Ephesians 2:4-6

One day away from marrying the love of my life. It’s honestly the weirdest feeling I’ve ever felt, excitement, fear, joy, and nerves wrapped up all in one. This week I’ve had the chance to think a lot about love. Thinking about what “love” is, what it means and how it feels. While thinking about love it led me straight to grace. I sit here and feel so unworthy of all of the blessings God has placed in my life with the main one being my soon-to-be wife Sarah! How could I have such a beautiful, awesome, and perfectly fitted to my weirdness type of lady by my side not just for today, but for the rest of my life?!?!? What an amazing, walking, breathing example of grace she is in my life. I keep coming back to just feeling thankful. I’ve spent more time thanking God this week than I have in a long time, and with a lot of that going towards Sarah, the more I’ve thought about God’s love and His amazing grace, the thankfulness spread to every area of my life. My friends who get to experience this day with me, the people who have reached out to me this week to give me a boost of encouragement, the awesome family God has placed around me that goes above and beyond to serve me and provide for me. And of course my new family I know have on Sarah’s side who has done everything and then some to make this day possible. The list goes on and on, but I’m just thankful! Thankful for a lot!

Thinking about love this week like I said led me to grace and these verses capture the reality of God’s example of this in our lives. While we were still sinners, completely dead in our sin, without a chance of life, God loved us. God loved us so much that despite all of the bad in our lives, all of the stuff that makes us feel disqualified and counted out of God ever loving us. His love still breaks through and His love made a way for us to be raised up from our slavery to death to ALIVE in Christ Jesus!!! Think about it…..we don’t in anyway deserve it but God loves us, so much that He gave us LIFE in the midst of our deadness and raised us up to new life not only here and now but He gave us an inheritance of eternity with Him FOREVER!!

With life getting super weird and super real for me this week I was able to reflect on a lot. Looking over my life and spending time looking at all God has done, then to take it to the realest level and see how deep His love is and how awesome His grace is, that when I was nothing. No Sarah, no God Gold, nothing good, He still loved me and was right there with me and in those moments He raised me up! He breathed new life in me!! An eternal, abundant, grace-filled life with Christ!!! How? Why? WHAT?? It doesn’t make sense but that’s just how great His love is for me and you! We can never comprehend the deepness of His love, but we have it! I spend a lot of time trying to make sense of things, thinking way too much but at the end of the day I have all that I need and then some! God saved me, by His grace I have been set free and raised up to new life with Christ and what’s awesome is when you look deeper at the root of all that we have to be thankful for which is God and this life-giving/life-saving relationship we have with Him, it leads you to look around in your life and just say, “WOW.” Look at all you’ve blessed me with God!

I encourage you today to just sit back and reflect. Reflect on all that God has given you starting at the foundation of His love! Look around and see all God has done in your life! It’s pretty daggum awesome right?!!? Whatever season of life you’re in, struggle, or circumstance, this time of reflection into God’s truth and seeing God’s truth in your life of all the good you have, it will lead you to be thankful and it will completely change your perspective that you may be seeing your life in. Thank God for these messages and how His Word grows us deeper into His love! Thank God for Jesus, coming down to save us even when we didn’t deserve it! Thank God for you and every person in our lives! Thank God!!!!

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    • Thanks so much for these words and your prayers! We really do need to get together soon and catch up! It’s been too long! You tell me the day and I’ll work it out

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