Pretty Daggum Crazy

God Gold of the Day

As you can see in the picture today, that little piece of wood is making a cross. It was a day just working in the grocery store for my dad. A regular day like any other, being a grocery stocker, I was pulling pallets of groceries from the stock room out into the store to put them in their place on the shelves. Then when pulling a pallet out, I heard a, “CRACK!” A piece on the bottom of the wooden pallet got held up over a bump and a piece of the pallet broke off. Pallets breaking is a pretty usual occurrence so I just kept pulling it out into the store paying it no attention.

Then, about 30 minutes later I was approached by one of my co-workers. As we were standing right where the pallet had broken off, she showed me what it broke into, a cross. And obviously it wasn’t just two pieces of wood crossing each other, it was in the shape of a cross similar to the one Jesus died on. With the long piece going up and the shorter piece going out where the person’s arms would lay during their crucifixion. I stood there in amazement! It was hard to believe that something so usual and small would turn into a picture of the greatest symbol this world has ever seen!

I didn’t know what to say as the word traveled throughout the store, pictures were taken, and just mentioning how awesome a reminder that was from God for the pallet to break into a cross, Gospel conversations began to take place with others about it. That one cross, that one random and wild moment of two pieces of wood forming something that literally means everything for us through what Jesus had done for us there. On a day like any other, where everyone there is searching for some source of joy and hope because you know how fun “working” is!

I wanted to think it was just random and it was no big deal but what took place after the cross was noticed, it was obvious to see God’s fingerprints all over it!!! There was someone added to the God Gold list that day after talking about the cross! Someone who is now receiving God’s truth daily! There were conversations had about the cross, about Jesus! How DAGGUM CRAZY is it that God would set this up?!?! How much crazier is it that God didn’t just leave it at a busted pallet, but He used this random and divine work to open up doors into others lives! To open up hearts and ears to hear and see how powerful, in control and how much LIFE God brings to us through His Word and through His Son, Jesus Christ!!! I wish I could go into more detail about all that God continued to do afterwards in the lives of those who saw Him that day but I’ll just say, it opened up some doors to see how He wildly opens up our eyes to Him and draws us closer to His amazing love! And if you haven’t learned yet, the closer one gets to His unrelenting and powerful love, life change begins to take place and it’s awesome to watch God work it together!

It’s crazy how God works and I can say I wasn’t just reminded of how awesome He works things together that day, but I was reminded to keep my eyes open as much as possible in my life to witness those crazy “God moments.” He is at work around us all the time and sometimes in ways we can’t understand but stay open and pay attention! It’s so cool to see God at work!!!

And what’s even cooler as God intervenes in our lives and makes Himself known, He has already set up ways to get His truth to others, to get the Good News of Jesus Christ out! To share His love with the world! A lot of times it’s through you and me but I saw that day how God used the God Gold as big stepping stone to even bigger steps ahead in someone’s relationship with Him! There is so many different ways that God gets the truth of His Word out and the Gospel of Christ! It’s so exciting to see the God Gold as another one of those ways to deliver Jesus to others! The One who contains a love that saves us and changes lives all the time! I’m so thankful to be able to send these messages to you and humbled to realize the power of sharing Jesus with others! His love and truth has done nothing but transform my life since day one of receiving Him, that’s why the God Gold is sent out with the hope that you too can receive Jesus into your life! Share the God Gold!!! Tell somebody about Jesus!!! Look for the crazy little ways God sets you up to share Him with others and SHARE HIM!!!!

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