God Gold of the Day

The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.”

‭‭Psalm‬ ‭34:10‬ ‭

Hey, I’m really really excited to share this message with you today. I don’t know what you may be going through in your life, what tough circumstances you have around you, maybe you feel like you’ve got nothing left. I don’t know where you’re at personally but I’m excited to give you some awesome God Gold encouragement today that I pray will lift you up in the midst of what ever your situation is.

So, I say all that because honestly I have been struggling a little bit myself lately. Nothing too major, it’s just been one of those stretches where everywhere you turn you’re getting hit with something. We all go through them and I want share all the details with you but I want to lay out an example from my life for you to tell you just how much this truth from God’s Word has helped me.

Last week, just going about my day and my phone that had been cracked for awhile finally gave out. The screen stopped working so for a few days I was out of a phone. And that same day, I go to turn on my laptop and guess what? Yes sir! Broke too! It won’t turn on no matter what I try. So I’m faced with two things that I use a lot for these messages, school and just life in general gone. To pile on top of that, I’m in a season where I’ve had to sacrifice some money to gain experience so to just go out and buy a new phone and laptop is not my most ideal situation.

After getting my phone, realizing how much that costs, then realizing that I’ll have to get a new laptop, I’m struggling. I was in a very bad place for a little while. I was worried, stressed, anxious and just a mess. So many times before I have reacted in those situations with “I can fix this, I have to fix this.” Usually my main instinct is to turn from God and to rely on what I got or just look at the mountain of impossible that sits in front of me and want to feel like a victim, and give up.

That’s the human response but I’m here to tell you something today, even though my situation is so small compared to so many others who are struggling out there in this world and you may be one of them, there’s a truth that covers all of our problems and it’s shown to us in so many ways. The truth is, despite how bad we want our situation fixed, no matter how much we try to fix it in our own strength or just lay down in our own doubt and anxiety with the give up attitude. That may be the way we handled it yesterday and that may be the way we want to handle it now but the TRUTH is, WE DON’T HAVE TO!!!!

This verse is written by David as he is being chased by Saul and he’s hiding from him in the wilderness. He mentions lions a lot in his writings because the wilderness he was in contained many of them. And I’m sure since David hid in caves a lot of the time, he came face to face with a few of these powerful beasts. In this verse David uses a comparison to lions, who are the king of the jungle. Some of the most powerful, fast, resourceful animals on the face of the earth. These awesome beasts are used to show us that even them, yes lions, grow weak and hungry at times. That’s crazy to think about these incredible beasts growing weak and hungry. The comparison is made to “those who seek the Lord.” That is or can be you and me, depending on where we turn to in the midst of our daily struggles.

I was sitting in my struggle, honestly scared to death at the thought of what would happen or what I should do but then this verse of truth was laid in front of me. Even the lions grow weak and hungry but, here we go, don’t miss this, “those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.”

That stopped me dead in my tracks, why would I try to solve a situation that’s not mine to solve, especially when I have God right here beside me. As much as I want to do everything and anything but turn my situation to God, seeking Him, seeking His Word of truth, seeking Who He is and His mighty and awesome presence in my life. It was obvious in this situation unlike times in the past, I would be stupid if I did anything but lean into God during this time. Why?? Because seeking and leaning into God, we lack no good thing, we lack nothing!!! Despite the things going on around me that felt impossible, pressing in during times of trial to God, none of the stuff that goes on in our lives matters when compared to the fact we have God, we have a relationship with God, the Creator of all, the almighty, powerful, constantly loving and always faithful God!!!! So on the surface of our lives, all hell seems to breaking loose, what changes the game is when we decide to go against our human instincts or our past reactions, and press in to God!!! On the surface it looks impossible and crazy even but with God, we’re good!! We have more than enough!!! We have no reason to feel defeated or want to give up, we can stand against the obstacles that come up in our lives and attack them one struggle at a time!!! We can face the opposition we face with complete confidence and joy because we know we don’t face them alone!!!

The circumstances may look crazy but from what I’ve experienced these last few days, it’s not easy, but the only and best thing to do is PRESS IN to God and surrender your situation to Him!!! Nothing around me has changed but knowing I lack nothing when I seek and stand firm with God, I have confidence and hope, I see that I must attack everything in front of me head on despite how impossible it looks because with God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!! Don’t turn away, don’t try on your own, and don’t lay down, PRESS IN!!!!!!!! Go to God and you’ll never go wrong!!!!!

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