God Gold of the day

Hope you have an awesome day today! I was searching for something to share with you that might encourage you and just somehow bring you as much Jesus as possible! I really thought I would be super drained after this trip, especially in the area of gold but man! Was I wrong!!! God has opened up so much gold this past week, He’s given me a lot to pour out! Thankful to have the chance to share with you the goodness and love of God. After seeing a lot of different things in a lot of different places, hey even trying my fair share of things, there’s really no love greater or stronger than the love of God!!! I saw that this past week, as we became closer and closer to Gods love through prayer and His Word, His love has an “awakening” affect to it. This song was sang by our worship team Sunday and while I was sitting there listening to the words, I was captured at how it showed our trip exactly through it.

Honestly this morning I woke up still pretty tired from the trip, went to my quiet time with God and as I opened up His Word, I felt more and more alive and awake!!! This past week I had the privilege of watching Gods love come into students hearts, completely turn the world up side down in the best way possible but then it’s like we don’t have enough space to hold all of God’s love He has for us, it’s just so much, it overflows out of our hearts into the world and lives around us. What’s wild in that is when Gods love overflows and pours out of us, it’s in those moments we are filled right back up by getting to experience His love in such an amazing way!

Gods love this past week has been like sleeping beside 100 super loud alarm clocks! Each day of seeking God and having His love poured into my life, each day my eyes begin to be opened more and more to the pain, the hurt all around me in this world. Instead of sleepwalking through my life, just chasing my desires and my plans, Gods love has awakened me to live fully awake and alive with Him, focused on much bigger worries than my own selfish wants. It’s going to be a battle no doubt to continue staying away from my sleepy habits but just pray for me to keep seeking God through prayer and His Word, to seek His love daily! I’ll be praying for you in that also!

There are people that are broken and clueless to the fact that there is a better way than the lives they are living in right now. As they sit hopeless and lost, they have no idea there’s another way, a better way, they are snoozing. We could sit here all day and wonder why they won’t wake up but that will fix nothing. Jesus left us with a mission to spread His love to the world around us, to bring light to the darkness. As we seek out Gods love daily and are filled by His powerful love, we are awakened to see the truth and the mission at hand. Others out there need to know of Gods magnificent love for them, let’s move in the love we’ve been given and start an awakening in this world!!! An awakening sparked by and founded on the powerful love of God!!!!

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