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God Gold of the Day

‘Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. ‘

John 1:3-5

During my devotion time the past few days I’ve been going through the book of John. I wanted to tell you that because it’s not usually how I do my devotions. I have such a bad habit of bouncing from one Book of the Bible to the next that I noticed how much of God’s Word I miss out on by not staying still in one place and grasp all that God is saying in that one area. So, I would definitely prepare yourselves for a lot of God Golds coming from John’s Gospel in the near future.

I literally got maybe five verses into John as I started the Book. I had to stop and dig into it before I went any farther because it was so powerful. It was wild seeing the first couple of verses talking about Jesus in the context of who He is. The Word, God, eternal. Wow! What a daggum perspective shift that was. What really caught my eye was in verse 3 through verse 5. Seeing who Jesus is and what He brings to our lives, “light.” That in Jesus is “life”, the “life that is the light of all mankind.” First I just noted that, this “light” is in Jesus, and as we have been adopted as children of God, having a relationship IN JESUS. As we are totally and completely ONE in Jesus Christ, so does the “life” He contains is breathed into us daily. Thinking of what we have in Christ, in that personal relationship with Him, that blows my mind at the thought of what Jesus brings to our life!!!In this context, the “life” Jesus has (which we have also) is said to be “the light of all mankind.” Seeing Him as the light, it made a lit of sense. Why?? Because think about it…the way Jesus guides us, empowers us and keeps our eyes focused on His light. What makes things hard in our personal relationship with Jesus and in a broader perspective, this world we live in, is that without Jesus’ life giving light. We are blind, we are covered by darkness and we can’t see ANYTHING! We can’t see the truth from what’s not, we can’t be lights in this world, think about it this way. Have you ever tried to walk around in a dark room before? It’s really hard right??? You fumble around, trip over stuff, stub your toe and possibly even fall and get hurt. Walking around in the dark is impossible! I experience this daily in my own life because inside of each of us is this desire to reject the light and try to find our way on our own.

That’s where we see in verse 3 the truth of the matter; “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.

We are incapable of doing anything without Jesus. ONLY through Jesus has anything on this whole earth been made, has anything good came into this world, anything!!! Apart from Jesus we are walking around in the dark just utterly struggling. I fall into that trap every day, thinking somehow, someway I can live this life on my own and do it in my own strength. But the truth is we are incapable, only with Jesus can we do anything at all. We can do things but if it’s in the dark, we know how that’s going to turn out. The good thing is, as we seek desperately to find that light switch so we can see again, Jesus is the only way to the light and His light doesn’t just shine in churches or on “good” people. It’s says, “The light shines in the darkness.” THANK GOD!!! As much as I personally get wrapped up and lost in the darkness at times, it’s so comforting to know that even when I’m waking through darkness, Jesus light meets me there to guide me through it.

The reality is there is darkness in us, that desire to reject God and do things on our own. Also, in this world we are constantly surrounded by darkness. Everywhere we go, there is darkness around us. I don’t know about you but that terrifies me! After spending the last week on a mission trip in Lakeland, Florida, I witnessed so many areas that people live where darkness was very present. I heard story after story that just made my heart hurt for the people there that are walking blindly through this darkness with no hope of ever finding any light, or even knowing that there is a light because that’s all they know. The darkness is scary, and it hurts. The darkness we walk through every day personally can be so tough to walk through, it seems almost impossible at times honestly. And walking through this darkness around us makes it even harder, not to mention to help others see the light as they are stumbling through the dark, it’s quite a task to say the least!

So many times I’ve sat, captured and enslaved by my own darkness of sin and struggle. During those times I’ve constantly thought, “I’ll never get out of this, it’s just too much, I’m too surrounded.” And on top of that when I’ve seen the darkness going on in the world around us, like neighborhoods in our own communities, even on what we see as the “nice” side of town, darkness is everywhere and the need for the light of Christ is everywhere also. I’ve said this and I’ve heard people say this in regard to the personal darkness and the darkness of this world, “what’s the point of trying? There’s nothing I can do about it. I can’t get out of it myself. And you hear about all that stuff going on in town, crazy ain’t, wish somebody would do something about that.”

The other response, besides being too scared or comfortable to do anything is that “I can do this on my own mentality.” But at the end of the day we see written all over these verses but especially in verse 3, ONLY through Jesus can we do ANYTHING about this darkness.

When I got to the end of verse 5 it just all flooded over me. As much as I struggle with fighting against my own darkness and as much as my heart hurts for the darkness around me in this world. Look at what that truth says! Look at what power this holds for me and you?!?!

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. ‘

No matter how helpless or incapable we may feel at times when in the presence of this darkness, no matter how dark it gets, when the light of Jesus Christ shines through, it ALWAYS overcomes and shines over the darkness!!!! We think we’re incapable to do anything? That’s a lie from the pits of hell. Jesus has given us more than enough to win these battles with our personal darkness and then as we walk in that victory, we can walk into the darkness of the world. We don’t have to sit by anymore and say “what could I do anyways, it just is what it is!” Being too comfortable and scared to move so we make statements like that to make us feel better about not doing anything. We’ve been placed on this earth as light bearers for Christ, to take His light into the darkness! Now we know that we only do this through Christ because in Him is the light of the world! With His light shining in the darkness and OVERCOMING the darkness we have NO EXCUSE to sit in this darkness any longer or sit by while others walk blindly through it! We have such a light within us, a light that changes lives and leads people through the darkness into new life!!!

Honestly I feel like screaming after realizing this truth. I’m just tired of the way I’ve sat by so long and stumbled through the darkness when I have access to Jesus, the light of Christ! I’m sick at myself for being so consumed with myself that I make excuses for the people all around me that are hurting in this world, that are covered by darkness, no longer do I want to look at problems and say, “somebody should do something about that.” With Jesus living in us and working through us, He’s given us all we need to step up and be that somebody!!!!! And before you start getting scared to move again, remember “THE DARKNESS HAS NOT OVERCOME IT!!!!!!”

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