God Gold of the Day

Just when you think the Good News can’t get any GOODER!!! After yesterday’s message it really hit me how secondary the TRUTH of the Gospel is in my life and how completely life-changing that truth can be to those who take hold of it daily! Seriously, ask yourself some good questions to keep you on it, to keep yourself honest with yourself and to keep the Gospel message in the forefront of you heart and mind in everything you do?

What is the truth of the Gospel? 

What did Jesus Christ do for me? 

How does the Gospel affect “this situation” I currently have in my life that may be a struggle or just something you’re going through? What does the truth of the Gospel change about your circumstances? How you see them and how you handle them? 

Do I treat others as the Gospel has treated me? Forgiving, loving, understanding of one’s faults, honest and graceful. 

Saw this video today that hits on the Gospel even more!!! What’s so stinkin cool about this video is the use of God’s Word through it. This person is reading from several different scriptures to paint a real-life picture of the Gospel Truth as a whole in the fullness of what the Gospel means for us. So awesome how God’s Word comes together and points to His ultimate, perfect and awesome plan of redemption for us! Hope you enjoy this and are able to take away a lot of Gospel truth that you can continue growing in and living under!

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