All I Need

God Gold of the day

After yesterday’s God Gold talking about how Jesus is the only One who has everything we need, our hope, our joy, peace, comfort, the list goes on! One of my good buddies sent me this song and mentioned how much it hits the nail on the head with that life-changing truth!!! Thankful for the chance to receive such awesome Gold from the faithful people God has placed around me and even more thankful I get to share this gold with you!!!

I know as tough as it can be sometimes in this world we live in to put our chips in on things that we think may do the job, those worldly things always fall short. It’s in Jesus, sitting at His feet and diving deeper and deeper into the love He has for us! Jesus is all we need and geez isn’t that a whole daggum lot!!!

Praying for you today to step back and allow Jesus to be the center of your life, if you go with Him you can never go wrong! Also, want to ask if you’ll pray for me in that regard too. It’s definitely not as easy as it sounds but MAN!!! Is it ever worth it!!!!

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