God Gold of the Day

“Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.”

Romans 12:12


Saw this today and thought it was an awesome verse to start the week off and hold tight to everyday! Because of Jesus we can rejoice in the hope he’s given us that whatever we face on this earth doesn’t come close to our life with him in eternity! If we keep our eyes posted on Him and that eternal prize, we have a heavenly mindset to take into everyday! Letting that be what gets us up in the morning, attacking whatever we face in our day with confidence because our vision isn’t focused on the little human things in front of us but what lies ahead. We can say “this is gonna suck and maybe hurt a little bit but I can get through it because I know the prize is worth the struggle.” Jesus gives us patience to endure the trouble that comes in our path, patience to hold tight and stand firm in Who we’re fighting for! Patience to not get so fixated on that “I have to have it now, it needs to be fixed” mentality but knowing no matter how long it takes or how much it hurts, God will our heads above water, teaching us awesome new things about Him and His power in our lives that if we just keep holding on a little longer we’ll be able to understand why this trouble is so good for us! And constant in prayer! To keep that Heavenly mentality what better way to attack our day fully connected to Jesus in prayer! I’ve noticed when my prayer life is more constant, my heart is more constant in receiving what the Lord has for me, what He wants to show me, and His love overflows from my heart to my actions and into others in a way I could’ve never done by myself! If our lips are reaching out to Heaven, our thought life is focused on Heavenly things, and our heart will be in the same place, and all these qualities of Jesus like wisdom, peace, joy, strength, patience, and so many others will overflow all at once making a huge Jesus sized hand-print on our lives and so many others!

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