Fight or Flight?

God Gold of the day

For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it. Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed.”

‭‭-Hebrews 12:11-12

This is the second time I’ve rewrote this God Gold, mainly because after spending more time meditating and letting these truths sit on me, God keeps opening up more doors to what He wants shared to you today! Thankful and excited to share these truths with you, truths that I pray will impact your life greatly in all areas as they have mine!

As humans, God has created us all differently and uniquely, He’s given us different characteristics and personality traits. I want to ask you, when you find yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by tough circumstances, those moments when you feel as if no matter how hard you try the situation is impossible, whether it’s because of people or just things that keeps happening to make it so tough. My question is, when you find yourself in those situations, what do you do?

Well, after digging into the possible answers I realize as we are all different, we tend to handle situations differently too. But in this scenario I’ve noticed that no matter how unique we are, God has placed two options in front of us to how we react to getting hit by life’s trials.

Fight. Or flight.

Even though we may handle these two options in different ways, you can do some self-evaluation to find out quickly that you either respond with flight, which is hiding from the pain, playing the role as a victim, complaining, following out your intense desire to give up. Or you choose to fight, after you get hit in the face you make the decision to hit back even harder. In the choice of fight, you embrace the pain and you show up to the battle day in and day out and put in the work despite whatever your circumstances are.

Which way do you react when life hits you in the face and knocks you down? Which way do you react when the tough circumstances you face are caused by outside factors that you have no control of? Which choice do you make when your situation really is unfair to a certain degree, do you choose flight or fight?

Take a second and answer that honestly because these truths hold power that will help you move out of flight mode and into the fight if that’s the way you usually react or if you usually choose to fight, these truths will open you up to give you fuel to keep on keeping on.

For me, honestly, I choose flight majority of the time. That’s a big weakness in my life but after looking at this piece of God Gold, my perspective has changed to which way to react to tough situations simply because of seeing it through God’s Word has aligned me to see my situation through His eyes instead of own weak and emotional human eyes.

God speaks so much truth here, He states plainly that discipline is tough, actually it’s painful. And in the moments we take hits from trials in our lives it’s hard to see the purpose behind all the pain we are enduring. That’s one thing that’s hurt me, I don’t see the purpose of continuing to fight and press in to God because all I can see in my eyes is the pain and the circumstances that surround me. What’s cool when we see these situations as we align ourselves fully with God’s Word, our perspective and sight changes about our situations. It’s easy to see now that these tough circumstances I face in this current moment, yeah they are painful and may look “bad” but in the midst of that God is working things for so much GOOD!!! It seems impossible to see it sometimes when we are walking through the briar patches of life but seeing it in light of Gods truth we see that these circumstances we face are being used to discipline us, to teach us, to break us down and mold us more into the people He has created us to be, to prepare us for the purpose He has called us to in this life, and into full dependence on Him so we can reap the harvest of the fullness of life God gives to us!

Also, in this view of God’s truth, when you may feel like the pain is too much and there’s no point in continuing to carry on because even after pressing in and choosing to fight, you don’t see any results or fruit that your circumstances are getting any better. It’s important to note that this pain we feel as discipline is taking place, the pain is only temporary. What’s even more important than that is what God has promised to come. Even though you don’t see any signs of it right now, later there will be a harvest of righteousness after you have spent time being trained by the situations God has allowed you to go through. That’s the result that comes from continuing to dig in and daily surrender yourself to God, continuing to pray and trust God that He is doing a work that is so much bigger than what you currently see. It’s in these moments as you undergo the process of discipline and the pain that comes with it that you can hold tightly to the promise that comes after the pain. You can hold tightly to the fact that God is breaking you down, tearing apart pieces of you that have hindered you or held you back for years and He is reconstructing you to be a new creation, a creation that is being molded more into the image of His Son and our Savior, Jesus!

When things are getting tough, although the easy route to take is to choose flight and run away, hiding from your problems and all the pain that is to come, hold tightly to this truth that it may hurt for a moment but there is a reward that God has in store for you as you endure the pain, humbly open yourself up to being trained and taught by it, to trust and depend on God even more, the fruit that is to come from embracing the pain and choosing to fight anyways despite all the reasons you see in front of you not to, that fruit is worth it and it’s worth fighting for! So when you feel like giving up, remember this truth that this process of pain you’re going through, God is doing something so much bigger and working things together for good than what you currently see. Have faith in what God is doing and set your eyes on the fruit that is to come by walking through the fire.

Then, there in the next verse we see an image of what seems like a runner. The verses start with “therefore” which shows us what the previous verse was there for? The verse we just looked over showed us a lot of truth so what do we do with that truth now? Well God what you got for us,

Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed.”

When I read this I thought about an athlete that in the 4th quarter of a game, they have played so hard and gave it all they had but they are still losing by a few points to there opponent. The athlete can choose flight in sight of their circumstances, they can complain, make excuses and hide from pushing forward through the pain because after the first three quarters they are probably extremely tired. But God didn’t call us to give up or give in, God called us to choose FIGHT, despite what the scoreboard of life looks like right now God says to lift up your tired arms, strengthen your weak legs and stand tall. In other words, don’t just keep fighting back but use all the negative or lack you see in your situation as fuel to keep you driving forward, fighting back even harder in the last quarter than you have the whole game. When you keep taking hits, remember that if you keep showing up, keep going to God and surrendering your life to Him daily, keep doing the work and hit back even harder to the opposition. God has promised that there is much good to come from choosing fight instead of flight!!! There is so much more than He is teaching us and goodness that He is working together than we could ever know! So as we step back into the field of life to fight, we can trust that we may not be in control of our situation but we can control how we give our lives to the God who is in full control of all situations! Trust in Him above all else!

At the end of the day, choosing flight goes against all that God has called us to do, why? Because think about it, how had complaining, hiding and giving up helped your situations in the past? It simply doesn’t, and God knows that! That’s why God shared His truth with us so we can see the higher road to take. God shows us exactly the route to take because He wants nothing but the best for us! Wow isn’t God good! Whatever you’re facing this week, don’t back down, take the hits and hit back even harder, choose fight over flight because as you fight, remember you have a God that goes before you and fights with and through you to bring you into a place of promise and into a harvest of fruit that He’s prepared for you! And no I don’t mean God is going up give you a nice new car or a big house, God is going to give you something much better, a life closer in relationship to Him. A life that is full and abundant as He uses these tough moments as training and molding to make you into a version of yourself you could never be without Him! Choose fight, show up and keep fighting back even harder! It’ll pay off, just watch!!!

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