Friendly Fire

God Gold of the day

Can’t tell you how thankful I am for my buddy Chrishton sharing this awesome God moment! It started with him calling me to tell me and after hearing what God had done in his life and getting fired up, I asked him if he could put that into words for the God Gold! As much as it sharpened my iron and fired me up, I wanted to share it with you so you too can have that encouragement in your life. If anything, this little story just raises our perspective to remind us of what this life is all about!!! All the things that we prioritize and spend time making most important in our lives, it honestly means nothing compared to living our lives fully for God and to share His goodness with the world around us! Gosh, it’s so daggum cool to have Gold, I mean REAL-LIFE GOD GOLD being poured out all around me!!! Thank you again Chrishton and I pray these words are such a blessing to you today as they have been to me!

“Let me start this story with Donnie. Donnie is not his real name, but I think he would want his privacy. Donnie likes to smile. Donnie is a lover and a feeler. Donnie embraces those emotions to the fullest. He often lets those emotions get the best of him. Donnie feels the adrenaline and euphoric rush from whatever substance life can give him. No, I don’t mean the stereotypical substances you hear about so many people abusing, but he has partaken in his fair share of those too. Donnie wants a lot in life, but what he needs most is to be heard.

Donnie approaches me at a football game. He speaks to my Mom and we quickly reminisce about the good old days from when I was younger and he was in the prime of his life. He thinks about when I was a kid and would come hang out because my mom and his older sister were close friends. Donnie is several years older than I am, but his fun-loving spirit preserves his youthfulness. As I said earlier, Donnie is full of emotion. His emotion spills over into conversation. The issue is, it takes two people to have a conversation. Donnie was in the dark. His words echoed off of the empty room he created for himself. He could hear his voice but the stimulus never received a response.

Fast forward to the football game. I conversed with Donnie. Donnie was happy to be heard again. I listened, but I heard more than Donnie’s voice. I heard my Father’s voice. My Heavenly Father. I heard him. God asked me to ask, because Donnie has not been asked. I should ask if I could pray for Donnie. I could feel the Holy Spirit press upon me. I could feel the Holy Spirit move and lead our conversation from there. Donnie did not have a specific list of things he would like me to pray for – he couldn’t really even describe it. So, the Holy Spirit provided an explanation. I could feel an empathetic wave of emotion come over me. It’s hard to explain, but it allowed me to peer into how to properly pray for the pain. I did not pray for Donnie right there on the spot, but I hugged him. It was peaceful.

I left the event I was at and felt the need to pray. So I talked to God. I asked the Holy Spirit to intervene in Donnie’s life. I asked for our Father’s favor. I could feel the intensity of the emotion that God allowed me to feel, but just as Jesus took our sin on the cross, the prayer took the emotion away. I pray that it was a representation of things to come for Donnie. Anything is possible through Christ Jesus, whom loves us and gives us strength. If you get a moment to actually pray for Donnie, I encourage everyone to do so. If you have a “Donnie” that comes to mind, pray for them too.”

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