Golden Relationships: “Surrender”

God Gold of the Day

Building golden relationships or living on mission for Christ doesn’t happen without Christ and without you. It’s that simple. Jesus has called us to make disciples and after we saw yesterday that task is literally impossible unless Jesus is the lead of our lives. To be a disciple maker, there is a truth to that, how can one make disciples if they aren’t first a disciple of Jesus? It’s once again impossible. Building Golden relationships and living on mission for Christ starts right there, at His feet, with Jesus at the lead. To attack this great commission Jesus has called us to we can’t overlook that it is His strength, His power, His love and His everything that we need to walk out this mission daily.

Today, I challenge you to think about first, before we continue to dig into these lessons on building golden relationships, what does it mean, what does it look like to follow Christ?

Jesus makes it clear that whoever follows Him must first deny self, leave behind all of the selfish wants and pleasures, let go of this world completely, leave behind the selfish wants of title, promotion or recognition, and come to Him just as He created you. Lay your life down before Jesus in surrender, pick up your cross and sacrifice self, and follow Jesus. Look to Jesus. Depend on Jesus. Seek out Jesus. Learn more about Jesus. FOLLOW JESUS.

Nowhere does God’s Word say, follow after Jesus AND self. There’s one million reasons why it doesn’t and as much as I’d love to write a book to you and try to explain what those reasons would be to surrender self and follow Jesus. I just challenge you to surrender yourself before Jesus, give your life to Him, there’s no certain way or formula to do that, just call on Him and give up self. And you’ll see exactly why Jesus has called us to bear our own cross and follow after Him!!!! There is no words for it, just see for yourself!!!!

‘Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple. ‘

-Luke 14:27 

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