“Don’t Waste Your Life”

God Gold of the day

Found this the other day and WOW!!! I was left sitting there just completely shook. I began asking myself questions that have deeply impacted my life and I pray they will help you in HUGE ways also!

“Am I wasting my life?”

“Do I think that I need to have/know a lot of things to make a difference for Christ in this world?”

or “Do I need to know only a few things of what’s important, and give my life to those truths completely and fully?”

This powerful truth made me take a lot of inventory on my life and the way I currently live it. At the end of the day, and the end of this life, what really matters besides how I lived for Christ? We all have a lot of things challenging us saying, “no live for me.” But just really let this hit you and ask yourself some real and hard questions. Let those answers and convictions change your life forever…..because they will!!!!! Have a great day!!

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