Living Under the SON

God Gold of the day

“What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun?”

Ecclesiastes 1:3

Heard this today and it was like a light bulb went off for so hope it can do the same for you! Under the sun its meaning, on the earth, worldly vision and labor. Not saying we’re not supposed to work or anything like that but what do we really gain when our primary focus and heart is in the work we do on earth, or the desires and things we chase and work so hard for? We may gain money, awards, success, or a few compliments but in reality none of these things will ever last. What if instead of laboring under the sun, we labor under the SON. By SON I mean the Son of God, Jesus Christ. What do we gain then? May not be all the things that seem real nice and shiny to us at the moment but living a life dedicated and focused on Jesus, we gain His presence in our lives. The only things that really matters. We have Jesus living with us now and forever in eternity. I thought about what would change in the way I live now if I change my focus and purpose more from here on earth to heavenly things, to Jesus. Everything changes. What we gain living under the Son, is peace in times of struggle, joy in times of sadness, the list goes on and on mainly because those things are the only ones that last. Jesus is the only One that lasts. Ask yourself daily, am I living and putting my focus under the sun or under the SON?

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