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God Gold of the day

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Hope today is filled with all the fun, family, and joy that comes with celebrating this awesome holiday of Christmas! I know you’ve probably already got many presents already but I couldn’t help myself, I decided to get you something to!! Now it’s not in the usual pretty wrapping paper and it isn’t something you can physically touch or own, it’s EVEN BETTER!!!!

Okay, ARE YOU READY!?!? For Christmas this year, after all that you have done for me in being a constant encouragement and reminder of what this life is all about. The constant support and love I’ve received from each of you can never be repaid but I want to share a reminder with you today with hopes that it will be the God Gold gift that may not fit under a Christmas tree but hopefully it will fit perfectly in your heart!

Today, my gift to you is just the simple reminder of what this Christmas season is all about. The whole reason for their being “Christ” in Christmas is simply that, the gift of Jesus! I know that may not sound like the most fascinating or valuable gift you’ve ever received but I promise you, if you take some time to dwell on the truth of the Gospel, which will be displayed for you in this video. Jesus is the best, most valuable, longest lasting, extraordinary, most AWESOME gift that any of us could ever receive! I don’t want to say that because it sounds good to say, I say that because in my experience, Jesus really has been the greatest gift I’ve ever gotten!!!

I know usually the talk of Jesus this time of year is when He came into the world as was born in a manger to a couple by the name of Mary and Joseph. But today, instead of sharing with you how awesome this moment was when Jesus came into the world, I want to share with you when Jesus came into my life. I hope this can be gift that brings you back to the moment that you received the gift of Jesus into your life or if you haven’t received this gift, then I pray today that you can open up this gift and come to know Jesus personally!

Jesus came into my life when I was 22 years old. I had spent years growing up in church, you know, doing all the “right things,” playing the church games but it wasn’t until 22 that Jesus opened my eyes to see Him as the greatest gift ever laid in front of me. I spent years living in whatever way I wanted to, chasing the many different “gifts” the world had to offer. They were presents that were beautifully wrapped, the nicest wrapping paper with the biggest bows. Man, they all looked so enticing and so perfect but upon unwrapping each present that I thought would be the gift that I needed, I found that those boxes were empty time and time again. I chased after these gifts thinking they would give me all I had ever longed for but time and time again I was left with nothing but hurt, pain, and emptiness. These presents for me came in a variety of different forms and as I don’t mind sharing what they are, I’ll save that for another time. In the broadest sense I just want to show you that all the things that the world may offer, these beautifully wrapped gifts of success, satisfaction, love, and joy. We see these presents looking so good, everyone is doing them, we are surrounded by an influence saying. “they will bring you all these things you seek.” The truth is, nothing of this world will do that, no amount of alcohol, money, sex, drugs, no title or amount of achievement, no physical possessions such as a car, house or anything, NONE of this will bring you the fullness of life that our hearts long for.

Then there’s this one present, after chasing all the presents of the world for so long it became hard for me to see that this present was even an option, especially to think it was a good option. From the world’s point of view, this present would just lead me to living a boring, no fun, neat and clean, unfulfilling life. At least from all my years in church, the way I saw people who had this present act and live, the way I found myself acting and living, then the way I saw the world tell me there was better presents to open, that was my view of this gift.

I’ll be honest with you though, we can be easily led to having preconceived notions of what the gift of Jesus will bring to our lives, I mean I had this picture in my head of what Jesus looked like, a fella in a suit and tie, never has any fun, serious and boring, honestly kind of stale and dull. I placed my view of Jesus in what I saw around me and that’s what led me to pursue what other presents were out there in this world.

It wasn’t until 22 that Jesus opened my eyes to see that He is SO MUCH different than anything or anyone of this world. What it took for me was to stop having my own personal view of who I thought He was, and actually open up the gift He so graciously has given to me. As Jesus moved me to open up the gift that allowed me to see who He really was, I learned that just like anything else, it’s not what we see on the outside of the box that matters, it’s what’s on the inside that really changes our lives. It was seeing and learning of His heart, realizing that despite all of the bad and wrong presents I had opened and chased after for so many years, there was this gift that said, “From: Jesus, To: Jordan.”

I thought Jesus was so holy and perfect, how could He still give me this gift after all the wrong I had done?? It didn’t make sense but this is what I found inside this gift from Jesus as I began opening it up. In this one present of receiving Him came many more gifts wrapped up inside. He gave me forgiveness for all the sins I’ve ever committed. He gave me grace and mercy, still pursuing me and making this gift available to me although I didn’t deserve it in the least bit. There was peace, joy, and satisfaction, all these things I looked for in the presents of the world I only truly found them in my heart as I found the presence of Jesus in my life. He gave me Himself, and in Him He is all I ever need!!! Instead of that empty and uneasy feeling that I had for so many years receiving this gift of Jesus filled me for the first time in my life!!! Where I had sought after and opened so many gifts of this world looking to find purpose in life, Jesus also gave me this, a purpose in my life that was so much bigger than myself! A purpose that is literally out of this world, a purpose that I have been given the chance to serve others and tell them about this awesome gift of Jesus and experiencing the joy of watching Jesus work in their lives!!! Wow, what a gift this has been! And this purpose is the only reason I send you these messages daily, without Jesus there is no way I would be doing this, but with Jesus, here we are and forward these words go to you.

There is so many things that Jesus has given me but the greatest gift of all is life. Where I was dead to my sin, Jesus made a way for me to receive the gift of eternal life. Life never ending as a child of God and a heavenly inheritance that will be the next step after this life on earth is over. To sit and think how much I deserve the pain, torture, and agony that comes with the death I deserve, to spend eternity in hell under the rule of the devil. Jesus in His great love came in like a superhero and saved my life, dying that death that I deserved so I wouldn’t have to and giving me life, life abundantly at that!!!!

I am humbled and so honored to be able to share with you this gift of Jesus. In no way should I be here sending you this message today, especially sharing with you the gift of life with Jesus! But I want you to know, this gift is free, there is nothing that you have to do for it, Jesus freely gives this gift of eternal life with Him to us!!! And also, after I struggled so long with this, it doesn’t matter what presents you have opened up before this day, the wrong you’ve done or the sins you’ve committed. Jesus in His awesome grace has placed this gift before you no matter what your past! I’m telling from experience, it may not make sense but the truth is Jesus loves you right where you’re at no matter where that is!!! I pray that this gift will be a reminder today of how awesome and HUGE this gift we’ve been given of Jesus is!!! And if you have never opened this gift and came to know Jesus personally, I’m here to tell you, don’t waste your days with ideas on what you think will be inside this gift from God. To know just how great and awesome this gift is, you’ll never know until you open that package to find the truth of who Jesus is and all He’s done for you inside! I promise it’s the greatest adventure you can ever go on and this gift of Jesus is unlike the gifts we may receive today because as most gifts are only temporary fixes, the gift of Jesus in your life is the gift that NEVER stops giving!!!

Merry Christmas from the God Gold of the day!!!


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