Sangin’ Saturday: “There is a Cloud”

God Gold of the Day


Got a minor announcement for y’all today, decided the title “ditty day” was alright and all but then “Sangin’ Saturday” came up and being from the south, I don’t know it just had a ring to it that I couldn’t let go! I’ve been working hard to find more and more ways to make the Gold fun for all who follow it so there may be some changes coming up and things may get a little wild so I hope you’re ready for it!

Today’s song is one that has always been one I’ve heard, and got really hype thinking, “there is a cloud beginning to swell.” Looking forward to the blessings of deliverance and freedom God is about to bring to our lives, it’s always been a cool thought but after all of these messages on running the race God has set before us, for the first time in my life, it feels less like hype or something that just sounds cool but instead, it feels like truth and something I believe without a shadow of doubt God will and can do in the coming days of our lives!!! I’m so pumped and excited to see what God is up to in all of your lives!!! You feel that???

There is a cloud, beginning to swell….

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