Urinal Gold

God Gold of the day

Yep….you read that right! I meant to say urinal just in case you’re wondering! Today’s God Gold comes from the one place I doubt any of us would expect to find it….at the daggum bathroom urinal!!

The other day one of my good friends texted me this picture and said, “dude, I stopped at a gas station to use the bathroom, when I walked up to the urinal this is what I saw on top of it! God’s Gold on the urinal!” Hahah how wild is that to think you’re taking another regular trip to the bathroom then out of nowhere, BOOM!!!GOLD!!!!! Pretty wild to say the least but to the man who left this on a urinal of all places, thanks to you for being an example of getting Gods Gold out not just in the nice and clean corners of this world but even the dirtiest and nastiest place you could ever find! God has no limits on where and when He shows Himself in our lives, He is always there all the time, yes, even in the routine everyday tasks we have in our lives. God is there and His Gold is always present, keep your eyes open so you don’t miss it!

You never know, next time you use the restroom you may have a golden situation that comes up, and I don’t mean the kind that’s in liquid form! Have a great day and hope you enjoy this awesome piece of urinal Gold!!!

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