Sticky Note Challenge

God Gold of the Day

Had a pretty cool idea for a challenge for you today! After sharing James 4 with y’all yesterday, I remembered when I got so jacked up about those verses for the first time, I let it be known to those around me. I was in college at the time, living with two of my close buddies at a place we called the “farmhouse.” I got so jacked up about James 4 that I got a pad of sticky notes, wrote little notes throughout the house, some funny little sayings, some encouraging stuff like “have an awesome day, you deserve it, with all of the notes saying “JAMES 4” in huge letters! At the time James 4 was hitting me in some big ways so I thought, what a awesome way to encourage my buddies in that truth too! So for the next few months, my two roommates would find these “James 4” sticky notes hidden throughout the house in the wildest of places. It ended up being something we still talk about today just from that wild idea to sticky note their everyday lives, James 4 will never be forgotten by any of us!

So today, I challenge you to get some sticky notes and write some encouraging Scripture on them. It may be something that encourages you, it could be just a funny little note, or you could just leave something encouraging for that person to find! It seems like it may be a waste of time but I promise, if you take the time to take this challenge on full go, you have no idea the impact that a simple sticky note placed in the midst of others daily lives can have for the rest of their lives! And if you don’t live with anybody, place them throughout your work place, in friends cars, whatever place you can find that a sticky note will stick!

Have some fun with this challenge today and sticky note the mess out of somebody’s life! They will get a kick out of it and they will thank you too, because nothing is greater than finding encouragement in the mundane things of life. Like opening up your cabinet to get a bowl for your food, there’s a sticky note. Opening up a book to read, there’s a sticky note. Opening up the dishwasher to do the dishes, there’s ANOTHER STICKY NOTE!!! There are zero limits on where these sticky notes can go!!! Get to sticking up some encouragement in the lives around you!!!!

And here’s a sticky note I wanted to stick in your life today!!!

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