Mid-week Mining: “Warrior pt.2”

God Gold of the day

We’re back in the “warrior” series this Wednesday! Hope you’re all geared up and ready for pt.2 of the warrior series! From deep in the mines, pastor Craig Groeschel from Life Church, has an awesome and powerful message for you today! If you missed part 1, go check out last week’s “mid-week mining” to get caught up on this Gold!!!

I can’t even begin to explain how these messages have shaped my faith and impacted my relationship with the Lord after hearing them! I am praying that these messages will impact your faith and stir your heart even more so than it did me!!! If you are driving to or from work, have some free time at home, whatever it is, open up this video and give it a listen! I promise you won’t be disappointed. So often we can find ourselves feeling defeated and living a very comfortable life. In these messages you’ll see that God called you for more than defeat and comfortable, He called you to be a WARRIOR!!! Get ready to fight and get ready to be hit by some big time truths that will move you off the sidelines and into the fight we have before us!!!

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