Singin’ Saturday: “Lord Send Revival”

God Gold of the day

So much bad and tough times surround us right now but I won’t you to take a step back today and really take in what God is doing. He has taken away all distractions, He has taken away public platforms in all areas of our lives, He has given us time to be still and spend intentional time with Him. Most of all, I know for me in this time, God has taught me how to live again! God is teaching us all what priorities are most important in our life. Even when things look bad in so many ways all around us God is doing such an amazing work in our lives, as He recenters us into His presence during this time, let’s make this our prayer for the coming days.

“God, thank you for all the good you are doing behind the scenes in this time. Thank you for teaching me and showing me more of Yourself in this time. God I pray you would just use this time for your glorious purpose! I pray that God you will break chains, soften hearts and open people up to see YOU greater than ever now and forever! I pray you will cleanse our hearts and prepare us for all that you are working together! More than anything God, we pray you will send revival in this time that brings shouts to your name louder across this earth than ever before, a revival that will shake lives and move people closer to you!!!!”

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