Testimony tuesday

God Gold of the day

I started out as a young boy always going to church with my family. Seemed like I was always finding the right words to say, showing up every time the doors were open, and always appearing like I had it all together. That was always what I was taught to do. I quickly found out that I couldn’t rely on my parents faith to get me to heaven. I had to believe in Christ and what He did for me for myself. Because I was always around church, it was easy for me to think in my head, “I’m going to heaven” because I was around all the Jesus stuff all the time. But I still didn’t know exactly what to do. So at 8 years old I got saved. It’s what I was always encouraged to do, my friends were doing it, so I did it.                                

Throughout high school I fell into this trap of just going through the motions. I would wake up, say my prayers, go throughout my day thinking nothing about The Lord and then say my prayers before bed. THIS WENT ON FOR 4 YEARS. There was so much wandering and wasted time that could have been spiritual growth. I came to a point in my life when I was eager to seek The Lord, I was just very unsure of how to go about it honestly. I never had anyone really come along side me and teach me how understand what I was reading, how to really surrender myself to The Father in prayer, and continually walk and grow in my faith. This continued to happen until I went to college. Stagnant is what I like to call it. 

When I made it to college, it was a game changer. I knew that I wanted to go to school somewhere that was going to have a lasting impact on my life. I was tired of pretty much putting on a happy church face on Sunday’s and then kind of doing my own thing during the week. So I had a mentor come along side of me! Man did that make a huge difference in my personal walk with The Lord. I was able to honor The Father in everything, not focusing on myself but how he could use this broken person to do His PERFECT WORK! I was wanting to learn and grow as much as possible! 

Then, The Lord really tested me. I came home to my parents splitting up. The perfect picture of love/relationship/marriage that I had ever seen. Completely gone in a moment. I remember thinking that afternoon after everything settled down, “God I know that you are the only one I can run to. You are all I have.   I promise, as angry as I am right now to fully trust you in each and every situation in my life, no matter how hard or for how long. I know that you have me in your mighty hand.” 

Ever since that day, I have actually LIVED for Christ. I wanted to go tell everyone how he restored me. How he was always there in the midst of my spiritual blindness. It took me being completely broken from what I thought was perfect (my family) to see who the perfect one is. 

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