Testimony Tuesday: Justin Driver

God Gold of the day

This picture right here shows a portrait of my whole world. My amazing wife, and my little baby boy (not pictured he is still baking in her tummy). And we just got home from my favorite thing to do: Church. And if you are looking at this picture from the outside it may just seem like I’ve always had it together in life. But that’s certainly not the case, at least for me.

I was introduced to Christ as early as I can remember. And the greatest day of my life is still Feb. 21st 2006 when I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior sitting in the Palmetto Middle School parking lot.

But a few years later around the age of 16, I began to take my eyes off Christ and wonder what it would be like to live out in the world. I decided I could try it just for a few days….and if I didn’t like it, I could quit.
But to be honest in my flesh I loved it. The Bible says there is pleasure in sin for a season. An old preacher said sin will keep you longer than you wanted to stay. And that’s exactly where I found myself. Miserable without any hope of changing myself.
But I’m so glad I serve a God whose grace is greater than my sin. And in His love he sent many things to get my attention. One including, my junior year of college when one of my baseball coaches was involved in a drunk driving accident that killed multiple people. Through that God began to show me there is a much better life than the one I was living.

And from that day I began to ask God to forgive me for the way I’d lived and if there was anyway possible He could still use me I’d be willing to do whatever He asked. And I am so thankful God specializes in using failures. And through His Word I began to find out everything I needed was in Him. I no longer had to party and do the deeds of the flesh to find joy, I could find it in obeying His Word. I quickly found out although sin can be fun, living my life obeying the Lord was 10000x more fun. For Jesus doesn’t come to take away joy He comes to give joy.

And I’m totally convinced today out of all the lives you can live, the Christian life is by far the best! And through His forgiveness I’ve found a life that totally satisfies my soul. And my only prayer is that God would use me to share that message to others. Jesus is all you need.

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