Low Fuel or Full Tank?

God Gold of the day

““For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”
‭‭John‬ ‭3:16‬

Devotion from “Gospel Fuel=MOVEMENT”

[MOVEMENT] Series:

Today’s questions: How’s your fuel levels, are you running on low or is your tank filled up?

What kind of fuel are you fueling up with?

In this MOVEMENT series; it’s all about FORWARD movement in our lives as followers of Christ. Not just any kind of movement, because we can move all kinds of ways and directions but we are seeking how to move forward. What we are talking about is getting better, moving forward past things in our lives we have struggled to get past and moving forward closer in our relationship with Jesus.

On this journey, like a car, we have to have “fuel” to move us and give us what we need to get to our destination. What us our fuel as believers?

The verse John 3:16 hits on it perfectly. As Jesus gives a brief summary of the Gospel message, we find that this isn’t just the popular verse that saved our lives in the beginning of our journey, it’s the fuel we need to keep moving forward in our lives.

The Gospel isn’t something we move on from, it’s where we start as followers of Christ and it’s where we need and have to stay if we want to continue moving forward daily. If Jesus saved us then, at the beginning of our relationship with him, the Gospel and Jesus’ saving power doesn’t stop there. It’s a daily need we have to be fueled by the power and truth of the Gospel.

How are you fueling up on the Gospel today? If you feel like you are running low on gas, maybe you need to check what kind of gas you are being fueled by and get a fill up today, from this Gospel verse in John 3:16. It will fuel you and move you in ways nothing else in this life can!!!

In case you missed the first video of the “MOVEMENT” series, here is the link to watch it below! Praying this will be a blessing and encouragement for you today!

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