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God Gold of the Day

Ran across my friend, Olivia’s post on Instagram today and I’m telling you, she was bringing the HEAT!!! It is such a powerful Word and one that changed my day completely around, reminding me that despite all the craziness and stuff going on in my life, the Lord has got me, He’s in full control, I need to step back and watch Him do what only He can do. In Olivia’s Words, NOTHING is too big for Him! Couldn’t help but share this awesome truth with you today and as much as it has impacted me, I pray you too can be lifted up by this powerful and awesome promise from God!! Super thankful for her sharing the Truth in this way and excited for you to see why this has got me so jacked up!! Hold on to your hats, Liv bout to preach!!!

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”/ Exodus 14:14

Holding fast to this great promise this week! There is so much more behind just this one verse! This verse comes right before Moses is empowered by God to part the Red Sea. The Egyptian army is pursuing them and the Israelites are fleeing! They get to the Red Sea and begin to doubt God and even ask Moses, “Why did you bring us out of Egypt?” (Where they were in so much bondage) They have made it so far and are beginning to doubt that God will get them through yet another trial. But in this chapter of Exodus 14, God does the unthinkable and miraculous. God tells Moses to lift his staff, stretch out his hand, and divide it! WHAT! God parts the Red Sea for the Israelites and as the Egyptians follow them they are engulfed in the sea!!! (Praise God emoji) If you are facing a trial that seems completely impossible this week, trust God that He will do the unthinkable to prove His faithfulness to you. Trust that He will fight for you and sometimes we just have to be still. Thankful for the power that is found in the Word and the comfort in reminding our hearts of the faithfulness of our God! Nothing is too big for Him!! Thank you Jesus!”



God Gold of the Day

When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.””/John 8:12

Then Jesus told them, “You are going to have the light just a little while longer. Walk while you have the light, before darkness overtakes you. Whoever walks in the dark does not know where they are going.

36 Believe in the light while you have the light, so that you may become children of light.” When he had finished speaking, Jesus left and hid himself from them.
37 Even after Jesus had performed so many signs in their presence, they still would not believe in him.”/ John 12:35-37
Hope everyone had a great Sunday and got some good Word to chew on this week! I heard an awesome teaching this morning and in part of this message, God was dicussed as the truth and the light. The pastor had a great illustration to paint an even better picture of how God as light, applies to our daily lives. After hearing this message, I haven’t been able to get this “light” out of my head. So put your sunglasses on because it’s about to get bright in the God Gold!!!
Jesus spoke these truths to the disciples saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” Jesus is the light of the world. What could He possibly be talking about?? Well, think about this way, from man’s first sin in the garden of Eden, darkness has been a constant force in this world brought out by the devil and his schemes, temptations, and attacks on man with one goal in mind—> move man away from God. When sin and darkness was brought into the world, it has been multiplying and casting a shadow on man ever since and darkness can overtake anyone if we’re not careful. All it takes is one step into darkness, one moment of compromise, and that itty bitty little piece of darkness we allow in our life can spread and spread, like Jesus says, when the darkness overtakes someone, when one is walking and living in this darkness they have no idea where they are going, they have no idea of the darkness they keep playing with, it’s no big deal that it’s in their life or that it is overtaking every single area of their life, the relationships they have, everything. Darkness isn’t any joke, I’ve seen it affect my life in ways that still hurt me today, that still lead me to continue playing with darkness and leading me into other areas of darkness. Even though it’s not the same darkness that I had in my life at 22, darkness is still just as dark at 24 in what seems so small compared to the things of my past but darkness is darkness, it leads into every area of life, and when we are walking in it, we don’t even know, we are clueless to the trouble we bring to our self and how it so greatly affects the people around us. I’ve had my battles just like I’m sure you have, we will have this battle every day the rest of our life because this world we live in is filled with the darkness we try to stay away from. It’s hard. It’s real. But wait, there’s good news.
So at my house we’ve got two dogs that stay in a fenced in area behind our house down a hill. It’s up to me and my brother Josh to feed them and take care of them, someday’s that task becomes more of a chore than others with as much as we run around and sometime procrastinate doing it. There have been times when I’ve had to feed them at night, yeah walk down the hill in the dark and feed them. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not a big fan of walking in pitch black dark near the woods. It’s scary cause first off I can’t see anything and then the worst part, I don’t know what animals are out there waiting to get me, or what if there is a person down there waiting to come after me, or even worse what if there is a monster down there? You see how my mind starts assuming the worst and just because I can’t see where I’m going or my surroundings, I immediately become hopeless, afraid and believing the worst. No there’s probably nothing down there that can get me but the darkness will pull out some wild thoughts.
This past Christmas, thank the Lord for my fiance’s parent’s! My future in-laws, gave me a Christmas present and among some different items was a spotlight, it was small like a flashlight but man, this thing has some power. I tried it out the first night when I got home late and had to go down the hill to feed the dogs. I could see EVERYTHING! I was still on the lookout for monsters, but because of this light, I could see them coming so I wasn’t afraid anymore. The darkness was still there but I had this spotlight so I could see where I was going, what steps I needed to take so I wouldn’t fall down the hill, because that may or may not have happened before. That trip down the hill with the spotlight, I was a completely different person and I had a whole new mentality and confidence. The darkness, the wild animals, monsters or whatever could come my way and it wasn’t going to hurt me because I had my spotlight lighting my path and giving me a sense of security in my situation. Big shoutout to the Mr. Steve and Mrs. Ginny on the most practical and awesome gift!!!
Shout-out to God also for sending an even better gift for me and you. Although we struggle daily to stay away from the darkness in our own lives and in the world around us, God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to be the light of the world and save us from this terrible darkness! Jesus gives a way out from walking around in the darkness, scared, hopeless, and with no clue where we’re going. Having a relationship with Jesus Christ reverses all of that because He is the Light of the World. Jesus keeps us from the darkness and leads us in His light, even with the darkness and temptation being all around us, Jesus is like that spotlight, lighting up our path, showing us where to go and where we need to stay away from, He keeps our feet from slipping, He keeps us walking strong, confident, and filled with hope. Jesus gives us security, knowing whatever comes our way He will shine His light on it showing us the incoming attack exposing the darkness for what it truly is, with Jesus as our light the darkness is consumed, He shows us that with Him we can handle any darkness that comes our way. In this security Jesus gives us, we have peace and joy like never before because we know that nothing can harm a child of light. Jesus is the light that shines on our heart, exposing each piece of darkness we harbor and shows us the way to move forward, past the darkness in addictions, strongholds or whatever it is, He lights up the way to move with Him, away from the darkness of our past and into the light of eternity, He consumes the darkness and gives us life in the light, life in the fullest of forms. Staying close to Jesus is a huge game changer in our personal struggles with darkness and the darkness we are surrounded by daily. Instead of walking blindly through this life not knowing where we are going, stay close to Jesus, put all your belief and trust in the light of the world and His light keeps your vision sharp, His light keeps you from stumbling and monsters, His light let’s you see what’s coming so you can keep moving away from the darkness if yesterday and into the life of light, purpose, power, joy, freedom, victory, peace and hope He’s given you!!! Dig in today and ask the Lord to light up your life! It’s crazy how different your steps become when you can actually see where you are going!Best part is when the Light of the World is shining through your life, Jesus Christ, others who may be in darkness, trapped, see the great way out shining into their life!

Son-Day Surprise

God Gold of the Day


A pastor concluded that his church was getting into serious  financial troubles. While checking the church storeroom, he discovered  several cartons of new Bibles that had never been opened and distributed. So at his Sunday sermon, he asked for three volunteers from the  congregation who would be willing to sell the bibles door-to-door for $10 each to raise the desperately needed money for the church.

Jack, Paul and Louie all raised their hands to volunteer for the task. The minister knew that Jack and Paul earned their living as  salesmen and were likely capable of selling some bibles. But he had serious doubts about Louie who was a local farmer, who had always kept to himself  because he was embarrassed by his speech impediment.
Poor Louis stuttered badly.  But, not wanting to discourage Louis, the minister  decided to let him try anyway.

He sent the three of them away with the back seat of  their cars stacked with bibles. He asked them to meet with him and report the results of their door-to-door selling efforts the following Sunday.

Eager to find out how successful they were, the minister immediately asked Jack, “Well, Jack, how did you make out selling our bibles last week?”

Proudly handing the reverend an envelope, Jack replied, “Using my sales prowess, I was able to sell 20 bibles, and here’s the  $200 I collected on behalf of the church.” “Fine job, Jack!” The minister said, vigorously shaking his hand. “You are indeed a fine salesman and the Church is indebted to you.”

Turning to Paul, “And Paul, how many bibles did you  sell for the church last week?” Paul, smiling and sticking out his chest, confident  replied  “I am a professional salesman. I sold 28 bibles on  behalf of the church, and here’s $280 I collected.”  The minister responded, “That’s absolutely splendid, Paul. You are truly a professional salesman and the church is also indebted to you.”

Apprehensively, the minister turned to Louie and said, “And Louie, did you manage to sell any bibles last week?”

Louie silently offered the minister a large envelope. The minister opened it and counted the contents. “What is  this?” the minister exclaimed. “Louie, there’s $3200 in here! Are you suggesting  that you sold 320 bibles for the church, door to door, in just one week?”

Louie just nodded. “That’s impossible!” both Jack and Paul said in unison. “We are professional salesmen, yet you claim to have sold 10 times as many bibles as we could.””Yes, this does seem unlikely,” the minister agreed.

“I think  you’d better explain how you managed to accomplish this,Louie.”  Louie shrugged . “I-I-I re-re-really do-do-don’t kn-kn-know f-f-f-for sh-sh-sh-sure,” he stammered.  Impatiently, Peter interrupted. “For crying out loud, Louie,  just tell us what you said to them when they answered the door!”

“A-a-a-all I-I-I s-s-said wa-wa-was,” Louis replied , “W-w-w-w-would y-y-y-you l-l-l-l-l-like t-t-to b-b-b-buy th-th-th-this b-b-b-b-bible f-f-for t-t-ten b-b-b-bucks—o-o-o-or—wo-wo-would  yo-you j-j-j-just l-like m-m-me t-t-to st-st-stand h-h-here and r-r-r-r-r-read  it  t-to y-y-you??”

Agape Love

God Gold of the Day

“And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing. Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”/1 Corinthians 13:3-7

Heard some pretty awesome stuff in class today about love that really opened my eyes to love in a whole new light. I honestly don’t have too much to share besides a few notes just going in-depth on each way this passage from 1 Corinthians describes love. I’ve never been one to send out lessons when I send y’all these but this lesson is a game changer and as much as it’s helped me today I pray it can be of some encouragement to you also and this great love we share with God can be seen throughout our lives and the world around us!

  • There’s 4 different Greek words that refer to love/ the type of love mentioned above and throughout much of the New testament is “Agape”
  • Agape love- a totally unselfish love that comes from God alone/ the type of love that chooses to continue selflessly loving someone even when he or she makes it difficult. Christ’s sacrifice and His love model what it means to choose to love.

How does a believer walk in love? Strive to walk as Jesus walked. What is love? How can we take inventory of the love in our life and the love we show towards others by being aware of what this Godly love contains. I know it’s hard to be aware of how we love if we aren’t completely sure what love looks like, especially when we are told a million different things of what love is by this world we live in. Let’s see what God’s love looks like so we can magnify this great and awesome love!!!!

  • Love suffers long”- love controls a person to help them live, work, and love as the Lord has commanded us
  • Love is kind”- it doesn’t resent evil/ it is kind, giving, showering favors on a person even if they neglect or do evil towards you or others (Rom. 12:10)
  • Love does not envy”- it’s not jealous/ does not attack or downplay success of others/ Love shares, enjoys, and rejoices in experiences of one another (Gal. 5:26)
  • Love is not boastful”– it doesn’t seek recognition or applause from others/ it seeks to yield, applause and recognize others (Rom. 12:3)
  • Love is not puffed up”- it’s not prideful, arrogant, or conceited/ doesn’t think or act as oneself is above others/ Love is modest, humble, recognizes others before self (Matt. 18:4)
  • Love does not behave rudely”- it does nothing to shame oneself/ does everything out of honor and respect/ orderly, controlled (Phil. 1:10)
  • Love is not selfish”- doesn’t exist primarily for one’s own rights/ seeks to serve others not having others serve oneself (1 Cor. 10:24)
  • Love is not easily provoked”- angered, ready to take offence/ love controls the emotions and never becomes angered without a cause (Col. 3:8)
  • Love does not think evil”- it’s not resentful, love suffers the evil done to it and forgets all about it (Matt. 5:39)
  • Love doesn’t rejoice in iniquity”- doesn’t rejoice in evil or wrongdoing/ love doesn’t take pleasure in sin of others (Gal. 6:1)
  • Love rejoices in the truth”- when the truth is known and rooted in foundation in other’s lives/ Love never covers or hides the truth (Eph. 4:25)
  • Love bares all things”- love has no pleasure in wrong or weaknesses of others (Eph. 4:2-3)
  • Love believes all things”- love sees the best, willing to believe the best/ love sees and understands all circumstances (Luke 17:4)
  • Love hopes all things”- love expects the good to eventually triumph and gain the victory/ refuses to accept failure (Rom. 8:24)
  • Love endures all things”- “endures”- military word meaning to stand against the attack of the enemy/ Love is strong built with fortitude and fight/ Love conquers and triumphs always because it endures all things/ no matter what love is attacked by or how bad it continues to love

Love is an action word—> Love is a behavior, walk, way of life

Jesus laid His love down for me and you on the cross displaying the most beautiful form of love. The main word I kept seeing was selfless. Jesus gave us the perfect example, He laid down His life for me and you. While we were sinners, undeserving of such a great love, He loved. According to Jesus, love is the greatest thing in all of life, will we lay down our selves and let this love of God bring us into the fullness of life through Him and the power it brings? Will we love?


God Gold of the Day

This is a piece of Old Gold that I had sent out awhile back but I’m excited to share it with you and I pray it can be an encouragement to you today!

“2 Corinthians 10:3-6/”For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ, being ready to punish every disobedience, when your obedience is complete.”


I heard that word usage in s sermon the other day and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I started thinking about all of the different addictions and bad habits of mine that I let take strongholds over me. Even tho we walk in the flesh and these strongholds take control over our flesh the power to overcome any stronghold doesn’t come from the flesh. The first lie I like to tell myself is that I can overcome with my own power. Our weapons to wage warfare comes from the Holy Spirit flowing in and through us. The second lie I start thinking is well I can let this sin get the best of me just this once and I’ll do better next time, it’s not that bad cause look at what so and so said about it or what they did. I start justifying what I’m doing, thinking well it’s not really that bad, comparing myself to the world instead of the standards of the one who created me. We can play the devils games, tell ourselves rationalies, and let our strongholds run our lives. Or we can go to war day in and day out. Using the weapons and armor God has given us through the Holy Spirit and applying His Word, spreading an abundance of truth over all the lies we tell ourselves. These verses made me take a lot of inventory on my obedience level with God. It’s never going to be up to His standards but even just the thought of there being a bigger Kingdom impact through me picking up His weapons and going to battle, fighting to become more obedient and to overcome strongholds, I would say it’s definitely worth the fight.”

 “For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith. And who can win this battle against the world? Only those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God.”/1 John 5:4-5

Felt the need to throw this verse in there from yesterday because although we fall into rationaLies so often and listen to the devil’s lie’s, what speaks louder and is way more powerful than the devil’s schemes, GOD’S TRUTH! God’s truth in this verse gives us confidence to fight the lies with His truth and not to hear the lies, rationalize, justify and make excuses. God says as believers in the Son of God, every person born of God who is now one with God as a child of His, He has defeated every ounce of evil in this world. The battle has been won and the victory is the Christian’s. Believing in the Son of God, Jesus Christ is believing the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Faith in the Son of God is life-changing, chain breaking power because with faith in Him there is no battle, only victory. We will be faced with temptation no doubt daily but the war has been won. It makes me think now after living a little more and falling a lot more, the main battle is between our ears. The devil can tempt us all day long but it’s you and me who believe the lies instead of God’s truth. James 1:14 says, “but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their ownevil desire and enticed.” What gets in the way the majority of the time from living and walking in God’s victory is ourselves. I’ve experienced it a million times with myself because when I choose to rationalize and compromise, I choose to reject God and His truth, when we take our weakness and incapable selves before God, giving everything to Him, He teaches us how to live in His ways, through the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, God moves us into the fullness of life He’s given us as victors who can’t be touched or shaken by anything of this world instead of defeated victims. Seriously it sounds too good to be true just humbly take your struggle to God and He will show you the way out, the path to victory, but He’s true and He’s God. Just watch. Also, when I say fullness of life I mean the more that God has for you, enjoying the peace, joy and strength that He gives to the believer showing them their freedom from anything or anyone that tries to hold them captive. The greatest part about this fullness is the impact it has on people around us who are going through the same lies and the same kind of strongholds except they don’t have Jesus to rely on, they don’t have His truth of victory that breeds hope to one’s life. The greatest part about stepping aside from our selfish wants and desires is watching how God uses that to help others see Him. And man, does it get any more awesome than to watch someone dead come to life through Jesus?? Nope, that’s the fullness I’m talking about and it comes when we see just how magnified and big our personal decisions to step into selfishness instead of God. Someone who doesn’t know the truth will keep living in lies so are we going to hold this truth captive and believe the lies with them? Or are we going to step aside and watch God’s truth make a huge impact in the chains that break in our life and in the lives of so many who desperately need hope, desperately need truth, and desperately need Jesus. I love the way John asks this question after he’s already hit us right in the face with such a powerful truth, he’s showing us the importance of this powerful truth thats overcome the world and I may be weird but it sounds like a hype chant at a pep rally but it can be our truth chant to the world, And who can win this battle against the world? Only those who believe that Jesus is the Son of God. “

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