God Gold Beginnings

“God Gold of the Day” got it’s start when a close friend asked me to help him stay accountable in the Word and life. Being new in my faith, I had no idea what I was doing but it didn’t take long and the pure Gold God revealed to me in His Word changed my life. It was simply sending a daily text to him sharing experiences, a piece of scripture, then really digging in deep to what God was speaking through that. As much as I was learning from those messages, I figured I would keep hitting send and if somebody gained anything from God’s Word and my experiences then it’d be worth sharing! I had no intention of anything coming from this but God had other plans and continued to grow the number of people receiving the God Gold message. It’s a testament to the life-transforming power of Christ and the work He does in one man can lead to so many others. I never in a million years thought I would be sending out messages like this but because of Christ moving me from a life of so many bad decisions and living to being so much better with Him, the only mission I have now is to share Christ in whatever way I can. The main purpose for spreading God’s Gold in bigger and better ways isn’t for any personal gain or to have my name anywhere near it. The mission is to spread the Gold, spread Christ and the Gospel to as many as possible so that one life at a time can be impacted and transformed by the amazing love of Jesus Christ the way mine has been. I pray that these devotion messages are an encouragement to you and move you closer to Christ as you walk out this adventure of life with Him.


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